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KKampers, In 48 days, your dusty, cracked out, tired and overstimulated ass will be heading out to watch that big wooden man burn to the ground. In 34 days, the first of our crew lands in Reno, and in 36 days your Monday early arrival crew will hit the playa and start setting up the amazing camp that we will all call home for this year’s adventures on the playa.

By this time, you should have your flight or other travel plans mostly worked out. You should be working on your hotel, shopping and any other transportation needs. You should be engaged, full tilt, all orifices blasting.

There is a lot that we still need to do as a camp in order to be ready for this year’s Kult of Kong (see: http://wiki.kostumekult.com/index.php/Theme_and_Interactivity for more info on our theme this year).

This email is long. It includes a lot of information. However, you will read it all and digest it all. Seriously. Because there is a lot of information in this email which you need to know. Every year around this time, I feel the need to remind people of Radical Self Reliance. You may be in a theme camp, and we may be providing a lot of what you need to survive to you. However, your job is to be aware of what you need to do in order to be a member of the theme camp, contribute to it, and ensure the success of the camp. If you do not read these update, if you do not know what is expected of you, you become a burden on the rest of us. A drag. Someone we hold up as an object of ridicule and scorn. You get the point, so now I will continue with the list of things that you need to know.

Oh, and I know that you will start reading this and think this is all just reminders and none of this applies to you. Well, keep on reading anyways, because there is lots of new info all up in this bitch. Smartass. I’ll spank that grin off your face.


There are still 10-15 people in this camp who do not have pods. Your guess is as good as mine as to what their plan is, but I suspect it involved telling me in a few weeks that they don’t have a pod and expecting me to find one for them. Let me make this very clear – that is not a good plan. If you still have not taken the initiative to find a pod, please do so ASAP. PODs are essential for shade. PODs are your little planning and family unit on playa. Get yourself one.

SHADE PLANNING – Every POD should have one by now, and know how they will be getting their stuff for their shade to playa.

POD MOOP LEADS – Each POD needs to appoint someone to be the MOOP lead for their POD. Please send me an email with the name of the person who will be in charge of monitoring the MOOP situation for each POD (one email per POD please!)

ALSO– SIZE MATTERS: If your pod has not given me their size info yet, I need that ASAP.

Dues and RV Fees

Just another reminder that dues and RV fees need to be paid by July 19th, or they are subject to a $50 late fee. Each dues and each RV fee. Please pay it ASAP. The upcoming camp meeting is a great place to hand me a check if you don’t want to pay online.



Shift Signup

Shifts are getting pretty full, so your choices are limited if you have waited until now to sign up. Please get on it and sign up as soon as you can.

Link to signup: http://goo.gl/5BfQ7

Remember, you sign-up to indicate what you prefer, but we sometimes need to move people based on final numbers and camp needs.

Early Arrival and Breakdown

If you are doing early arrival and/or breakdown, please check the wiki to make sure that you are listed in the appropriate day. We still have limited slots available for people who want to do early arrival, so please let me know if you want to get involved (Don’t just add yourself. Really. It will piss me off. And you know what can happen if I get pissed off).

Also, remember that Early Arrival is a privilege and that if you are doing it you are there to work for KK the entire time. Not another camp. Not another project. Not to tour art. You are my little helper elf and yes, I get off on it.

Finally, Early Arrival crew is still responsible to find their own way to the burn. So get on that ASAP.

Early Arrival and Breakdown Wiki

Leads Needed

Our camp needs leads in a few areas still. They are: • MOOP – We need two leads, to manage the MOOP sweeps every night and to make sure that the camp in general is staying on target with cleaning. You do not have to clean it all yourself, but you need to be aware of what people are doing and bring any issues to my attention, etc as needed. Please step forward young kkids, we need you! • Krafting Dome – we have a crafting dome this year, and we need someone to arrange for the scheduling of events in it There will be more info later in this email about how you can sign up to do your very own project, but we need someone who can manage the scheduling, vet the projects to make sure they seem doable etc etc. Please let me know if you want to step forward for this. It is a great way to be involved and to help KK pull off something brand new! • Schwagg and T-Shirts – We need someone to manage the distribution and sales of schwagg and t-shirts, particularly on playa. This is a pretty easy job, and a great way to get to know people. Please get in touch with me if you want to be involved with this one.

Krafting Dome

Ever dream of doing your very own crafting or personal beatification project on the esplanade at Burning Man? Well, you may not have, but now is the time to make your almost-dream a reality. KK is having a dome on frontage which we are opening up to anyone inside or outside out camp, who may want to do a project as a gift for the playa. Tutu making, accessorizing, whatever. Our busy runway will bring people in, and you can post your event in the What, Where, When guide as well. It will be very rewarding. I guarantee it. And help you make new friends, get gifts, and get sexytime.

Kitchen Information

Brandy sent out a very comprehensive email, detailing what is expected of you in the Kitchen, what you need to know in order to get food and eat it, and what NOT TO DO.


In case you still don’t get it: Bring your own cups, plates, forks, spoons, dentures, and whatever else you need to eat. Wash your own shit (NOT IN THE KITCHEN), and don’t leave it in the kitchen or common areas. Don’t EVER be in the kitchen unless you are on shift or part of an approved pop-up event. Show up for your shifts and smile.

Scrape your scraps of food into your own trash, rinse & wash your stuff in YOUR pod, collect the water in a bucket, & THAT goes into the evap pond. Write your name on all of your dishes.

CLEAN water, such as melted cooler ice, gets sprinkled on the playa, not in the evap pond. But don’t make a puddle which will collect. Spread it around. Probably best during the day where it will evaporate quickly.

Food and drink etiquette

The burn is all about gifting, but not everything has to be a gift. Gifts are given of your own shit, if and when you so choose. We are all responsible for bringing enough stuff to survive off. Dont expect your podmates to feed you and thank them when they do. Camp dinners are for people who are part of the camp. Its a time for us to bond. Bear in mind, that we buy food for a specific number of people. If you bring the thing you fucked last night to dinner, there may not be enough for the rest of us to eat. Please, dinner is not a gift for the playa or your playmates. Do not ask to bring extra people. If food is leftover at the end, we will offer it up to people. That decision is best left up to the kitchen crew, because they love power.

On playa, no one gives you a cup, a fork, a spoon, a plate or a napkin. And disposable shit is bad. This applies in our kitchen and out on playa. Keep a cup with you at all times, if you want drinks at bars. Keep a plate with you if you want food at camps.

Water Plan and Your Hydration

Reasonable amounts of water for your drinking, light cooking and reasonable showering are included in your dues. How does this work you may ask? KK will have a large tank of water with a pump on it. Such tank will get refilled magically, when I say so. You will need to have containers to bring the water with you to your tent/pod. I suggest that you each buy 2 or 3 1 gallon jugs, to use for carrying water, to use as a pee jug, and to use for mixing punch, drinks, whatever. This is in addition to whatever cups, jugs, camelbacks, etc that you want for taking your water and drinks on the go. Water, like our camp food, is ONLY for people in our camp and we purchase in the appropriate amount for that. Please do not let your friends take water, as it will fuck the rest of us over.


Showers (golden and otherwise)

We build shower stalls and an evap pond for them to drain into. Do not pee in them. Do not dump grey water into that evap pond. You much bring your own water to the shower, your own soap shampoo etc, and your own shower bag. Please dont leave your stuff in the shower after, that makes work for the rest of us. Label your shower bag, as we all buy the same few models. (12) Grey Water - Your pod should have a bucket or other receptacle for grey water. You wash your plates into that, etc. DO NOT put food waste into that. Scrape the plate and use a paper towel etc first and dump that into the garbage. Then use as little water as possible to clean the plate. Limited amounts of grey water can be dumped into the evap pond by the kitchen but only if it has no actual food waste in it.


We will be providing power to pods. However, the box may be a bit away from your tent. Bring a 100 foot, outdoor, 12 or 14 gauge, 15 AMP extension cord. Yes, they are expensive, but cheap extension cords are a danger. They also are a power drain because it uses a lot of power to get down the line to your little fan or light at the end. If your cord sucks, and it is causing problems, it may have to be unplugged and you will not get the power that you want to your tent. ALSO, do not even think about bringing an air conditioner for your tent/yurt/whatever without getting explicit permission from me first. And paying higher dues for the excess usage. Really. I will unplug you from the grid as soon as I see the A/C going.

Some good extension cord options at the bottom here: http://wiki.kostumekult.com/index.php/Gear2013

Also, avoid those cheap circuit breaker strips as much as possible. They suck power.


If you dont know what MOOP is, you didnt read the first timers guide. Stop reading this and go do that. Then come back here and finish. Show up for your shift. Help out. But bear in mind, your MOOP duties are full time. Keep your pod clean. Pick up things that look like they dont belong. DO NOT leave your stuff laying around, a gust of wind will come by and get rid of it for you. And by get rid of, I mean make the rest of the camp pick it up.

Pack it in, pack it out - Remember, you are responsible for bringing all of your garbage out with you. DO NOT leave it with the camp garbage, I will be really pissed and will not let you back next year. I promise. DO NOT expect your podmates to take it for you. Plan your ride out from the burn in advance, and make sure that your ride out has room for your trash bags. Remember, all that garbage will be riding out with you, in the long exodus line, maybe on your lap. ONLY BUY CONTRACTOR GRADE HEAVY BAGS. Cheap bags will rip, and that tuna and yogurt from Monday will leak onto you and smell. bad. not the good type of bad either. Plan before for your garbage. De-moop all items that you buy before you get to playa.

NO GLASS BOTTLES. Really. They are a liability that you will have to deal with all week. I understand for hard alcohol, champagne, etc which is only available in that format. But beer should be in cans. for your own sake. Crush the cans after, and they take up way less space.

If you separate out recycling, you can take it to Recycling camp. Recycle camp is located in the Center Camp inner circle at 5:55. They only accept aluminum cans and are open from Monday - Sunday of event week from 9 am - 5 pm. Also, you also usually don't have to pay for dumping recycling at trash drop locations(see info in the survival guide and the book given to you at the gate, and the BM website).

If you separate out burnable waste, you can burn it in the public burn barrels that KK puts out across the esplanade in various locations. This also saves on your trash.

The further you drive with your trash when you leave BM, the cheaper it is to dump it. By a lot. The first few places are all rip off but if you take it to Fernley or even to Reno, its much much cheaper. If you bag it well and plan for it, you should have a much easier time dealing with that.

Speaking of Rides

The rideshare wiki is up, feel free to use it if you are still looking for a way to get to or from the playa (http://wiki.kostumekult.com/index.php/Rideshare_2013)

NOTE: I have posted some info on rideshare etiquette on the wiki. You may think that this is common knowledge, but last year it became clear to me that many people expect to get rides to the burn without paying their fair share of the car. And that many people think its ok to ask your driver for 50 extra stops, that you did not mention in advance. So, please read my little guide to being a good rideshare person and try not to be too much of a dick to your friends and campmates. Well, my worthy KK members, you have reached the end of this email. I am sure that you are not surprised to learn that there will be more emails like this in the future, and that the camp meetings will be full of even more information. There is a lot going on, and we are a large camp. So, get to it folks! Start ramping up for the awesome!

Spanks, cuddles, tickles and gropes, DK