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Hey Kostume Kult,

We have a great kitchen staff that's already hard at work planning to feed you. We have a huge job in front of us and are counting on you to make it super amazingly fun! We're looking forward to seeing you all with food on your face and bloated bellies from overeating. We do this job out of our selfish desire to spoil you so feel free to spoil us back.


Please reply to me privately by 7/15/13 if you meet any of the following criteria:

If you're vegetarian: Vegetarian options are available every night, but we can only prepare enough of these options if we have an accurate count of vegetarians.

If you have food allergies: If it will kill you or make you sick we need to know. We don't want to poison anyone and will include basic allergen info for the dishes but please be responsible and be informed about what you are eating, common sense always wins! Things like nuts and cheese will be a topping so that you can avoid them. Please let me know the severity of your allergy. If you are so sensitive that you can't have something cooked in butter, I need to know that. In general the menu is neither gluten nor dairy heavy. There is some cheese and pasta, but in general you should be fine, for gluten free we will be making either rice or another gluten free grain on pasta nights.

If you have very severe restrictions or dietary needs, we will do our best to make options available, but we cannot accommodate everything in a camp this size. You may need to be prepared to fend for your own a little bit. If you are picky: Do not email me about it. Read the menu, if there's something you don't want to eat please plan to feed yourself that night, there are several dishes each night so hopefully you can find something that floats your boat.

Also, please try to come on time to dinner if you are a vegetarian or have food restrictions, so that we can ensure that you get the food that works for you before that options dwindles.


EVERYONE in the camp is required to do one shift in the kitchen. There are three shifts each day this year: Prep, Cook, and Clean Up. Please choose according to your skill level, if you can burn water the cooking shift might not be your thing but you're probably amazing at dishes or chopping veggies! Our goal is to feed you great food and have fun so please come prepared with a great attitude and acceptable personal hygiene. Wear close toed shoes, cover your juicy bits, and wash your hands. We love naked and nasty you, just not when you're touching our food. There is a health inspection and we must follow state health codes so please use your best judgment when in the kitchen. If you have any questions please ask the kitchen lead. Someone certified to handle food will be on staff every night.

Prep Shift: Chopping and preparing food to be cooked. Kitchen lead for the night will let you know what needs to be done. Cooking Shift: Cooking food and Serving it, pretty self-explanatory The kitchen lead will guide you but please use your best judgment. Clean Up Shift: Dishes, cleaning tables, and putting things away for the night. In some ways this is the most important shift! You are setting up the kitchen for a successful and happy shift the next day.

Show up for your kitchen shift!!! No shows will be ridiculed, sexually harassed, starved, and beaten, all in the name of love of course. Sign ups are now available here:



Our Kitchen prepares and serves a gourmet hot dinner each night from Monday through Saturday. In addition, we have all sorts of pop-ups and special treats (bacon fairies!!) during the day, typically around Brunch time. Sunday night we serve a selection of food which we have on hand. You will eat well, and there will be lots of food. We eat around sundown every night except burn night when we eat an hour early so that everyone can make it to see the fucker burn.

NO ONE is allowed to be in the kitchen unless you are on a shift or you are part of an approved pop-up meal. THIS IS A VERY STRICT RULE. The Kitchen is NOT for cooking your personal food. If you want to cook, bring a burner, pots, grill, etc. and clean up after yourself. YOU CANNOT USE ANYTHING FROM THE KITCHEN. YOU CANNOT WASH YOUR DISHES IN THE KITCHEN.

Bring your own reusable dishes, cups, and utensils. We do not supply these and we do not wash your dishes. You are responsible for providing and cleaning what you need to eat on playa. Do not leave your dirty dishes in the kitchen or in the common shade area as they will be purposefully misplaced into the trash.

Love you all!

     ~The Kitchen Crew