Water Plan 2012

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Each kamper should budget 2-3 gallons a day for drinking and washing with more if you plan to shower daily. Kostume Kult's "water plan" is opt-in and meant for those who will have difficulty bringing in their own water so please consider if and how much you need KK's trusty water minions to bring for you...

Water will consist of boxes with two 2.5 gallon suitcases (5 gallons total) and the price is higher than in the stores to help pay for the rental truck... Have us bring in some or all of your water... But only if needed!

On-playa please remember to crush and string together each emptied container as we will be recycling these containers at the end of the week.

Pricing: $7 per 5 gallons (10 gallon minimum, $0.21 Google Checkout Fee per 5g)