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My Playa name is **Truelove**, and my default name is...also **Truelove**.

Being as we're next to the Mermaids, I was tempted to go for the name **Merkin(g)** in this my second year on the Playa. However as I'm currently involved in a nasty legal fight to defend my trademark of twenty years, I felt I should plant it solidly on The Man this year for added validation and support.

Tim 'Conduktor' Fielding is a very old friend (as is Lucy) and I am really grateful for him for his introduction to the Kult. I am so excited about joing the Kamp and meeting fellow KK'ers and Skoolers. Now that I know what to expect of the Burn my anticipation is possibly even greater than last year.

My festival history started with the last three years of the Stonehenge Free festival (before it was famously smashed to pieces by the evil empire in the Battle Of The Beanfield) and that has coloured my expectation of festivals, with the result that last years BM was the first festival I have attended since then. And that makes for a 26 year hiatus. But then it takes a helluva lot to get me to camp (though much much less to BE camp)

At Playa, you will likely find me skipping around, covered in silver body paint, starry eyed, and smiley faced. I stopped DJing and performing live more than ten years ago, and now much prefer to dance to others' beats, especially, thanks an epiphany on the Playa last year, to Dubstep.

In fact said epiphany has inspired me to go back into the studio over the last year, and I am very excited with my new mutant sound. However, due to time constraints it looks likely that my ode to the Burning Man, and the other new material I have been making will have to wait til 2012's Burn for full public airing.

Coming from London where I previously always lived, I now reside in Ibiza year round, spend a few months every year in LA and NYC. I work like a dog, so that I can play like a demon.

For the rest of my bio from the default world, as they say: 'Google Me, Bitch'

See yaz all once the unmistakable smell and taste of gypsum dust is consuming us all