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OK, here is the Josh and Cody List of tools “everyone” should have with them on build crew. We have included links to examples on the web, however you can buy them wherever you like! We like Harbor Freight if there is one nearby, they have so many useful items, it is crazy! Look for their sales, jump onboard with their saving program, you can save a lot! All the usuale players like Home Depot,

Tool Bag / belt - This hold your basic tools so you can easily get to them. Your local hardware store has them, or you can be creative and make one. What you need is a bag to hold loose items, “a nail pouch”, and something to hold a hammer. “hammer hanger”

Also, you may look for a “beverage cozie” available from Timbuk2.

Basic Tools EVERYONE should have for Build Team:

  • Regular carpenters hammer.
  • 3 pound 16" handle "sledge" hammer. Try and find one that has concentric circles on the face. This is a "steel driving" or "drilling" hammer. The concentric circles on the face "grip" the rebar and drives it down easily. A smooth face hammer, or one much heavier is difficult to control, and you bend the rebar. Too short a handle means you cannot use both hands on it to control the hammer. The "Jody Rebar Hammer" was purchased from "Workshop Tools" and we "think" it is the Grip brand sledge hammer. Unfortunately that store flooded and has not reopened, and we cant "for sure" find that particular hammer with the etched face online.
  • Flat head screw driver 4-6” medium head
  • #2 phillips screwdriver 4-6”
  • A roll or two of black electricians tape
  • A roll or two of Duck Tape. I personally use gorilla tape, but whatever you find.
  • 100ft of 3/8 inch rope 600 pound strength! You should really have more, maybe 200 ft, you will use this to temporarily tie stuff down, etc Try to stay away from the cheapo poly braided or cotton clothes line. They are NOT strong enough.
  • "Hundreds" of zip ties. Use at LEAST 8 inch heavy duty types. You will find this in the electrical iles. You can never have too many. Bring a tube of 100 and it will be gone faster than you think. Securing Tarps, rope to rebar, flapping decorations, you name it, if duct tape wont work a ziptie will. Also called “Wire Ties”
  • Cutting Electricians Pliers A pair of “dikes” no, not women in love but an electrical plier with a sharp cutting edge. They are used to cut wire, zip tie tails, etc.
  • A SET of “adjustable Pliers” 6 or 8 inch. These can hold lots of things, nuts, bolts, bending wire, pulling things,etc,
  • A pair of 8 inch “vise grips” for pulling rebar and twisting hard wire during construction.
  • of wire, buy a roll of “rebar wire”] this is used to connect re bar, tie metal together, etc a lot of uses.
  • Campers Saw This "bow" type saw will cut the crap out of wood. It cuts fast and it is SHARP> It is NOT the most accurate, however. This is useful for "trimming" things, or cutting rough measurements. If you want accuracy, or only have room for one saw, then buy a 15 inch "multicut" or "toolbox" saw. These have teeth in both directions, so they cut a smooth easy line. The long carpenters saws can be difficult to learn unless you are used to them.

Harbor Freight Code for Discount Club: Click here. I included an invite to a "tell a friend" discount program from Harbor Freight. There is not cost, just sets up an invite.