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Fun Shopping in Reno

You're cruising around Reno, ready to blow some cash. Might as well have fun doing it:

Fabulous outfits [someone please enter these stores. I forgot their names]

Thrift stores

My favorite shopping in Reno is for stuffed animals, and other silliness, at thrift stores. No parent wants a bacteria-sponge that another child has drooled on. So used stuffed animals are cheap. $1/each for small ones, $5 and $10 gets you to the big ones. Easter Seals is by far the most fun thrift store in Reno. They're real close to REI, and not far from Budget Truck Rental.

Hint: always check the garbage pile behind a thrift store. More than once did I score a couch that although gross, turned into fine camp furniture after covering it in fabric, and having it in dry air for several days.