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  • STICKY fabrics like vinyl and plastics can get stuck sometimes in your sewing machine - so I use a layer of tissue paper on top so it can glide through my machine and then it just rips off once finished, otherwise you can also purchase a Teflon foot to make things easier.
  • RUFFLES! - tutus anyone? of course you have yards of tulle that your just dying to gather up-don't have a ruffling foot on your machine? Use a zig-zag stitch over a line of dental floss so the floss is free in between the zig-zag stitches and when you are done just pull the floss line on one side and the gathering is easy and fast. Once gathered stitch on top with a normal straight stitch to hold your gathers in place.
  • Pasties - Making your own pasties is easy with your favorite fabric scraps. Most art stores in the city carry "Double tack" art paper which is like a sheet of double sided sticker paper.Peel off one side and place your favorite fabric scrap, then on the back draw and cut out you favorite pastie shape (hearts, stars...ect. the list goes on)
    When you're ready to wear them just peel off the paper like a sticker (non re-usable but they are custom and fun!)