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Hello fellow Kultists!

My name is Ryan Hollitz. I have been attending Burning Man since 2003, and this will be my 7th year on the Playa. It will be my second year with Kostume Kult and I'm so excited! I am headed to BM with my love, Michelle!

By day, I work in IT, managing Mac computers for a Marketing Company, so I have lots of gear around me. ;) I have a BS in Fine Arts and love to work with Video as an art form. I look forward to making the camp awesome and fun! I'm super intrigued with blinkies and things that glow in the night. I'm pretty handy with tools and love to climb on things, so building is totally up my alley! :) I also love my Shibari. Let me know if you want a demo! :)

I'm working on the wiki this year, and I will be organizing the trinket purchase/distribution. So I'm sure I will meet you all! :)


xoxox, ryan