Pasties, Whips and Naughty Bits

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There are many stores near the West 4th (on West 4th) that specialize in naughtiness (and belly dancing gear and other sexy aspirations). Any kinky props, costumes and pasties can be found here within wide price ranges.

Keeping your pasties on

On playa, everything is covered in a layer of dust. That dust makes pasties very difficult to stay on. When you put your pasties on, you will first have to baby wipe your boob. Many people who put pasties on a lot recommend flash tape, which looks like this:

Flash tape.jpg

Another option are these super stick strips from Manhattan Wardrobe supplies:

As with everything that us costumers stick on our bodies / faces / etc. Sprit gum is our go to adhesive. It is theatrical glue, which is used to attach mustaches, beards, etc. Do not put on your eyelashes with this!! You can find this at most costume stores.