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Information about Miyong

Over the last 8 years, Miyong has spent countless hours sourcing materials, shopping, crafting and otherwise figuring out EVERYTHING that there was to know about fabric, costumes, sewing and where to buy it all. The led to her developing " Miyong's Ultimate Resource guide", which is presented here. Miyong's Ultimate Resource guide was initially sent out as a series of emails to the NY BMan listserve and other places.

This is all of the 4 resource emails that Miyong has sent out in the past, but added to and expounded upon by KK members.

You can find more about Miyong at Idyeology - Miyong's Company or MNOH - Artist Page. Miyong has a clothing line for sale as well.

General Guides

Fabric Shops

Jem Fabric Warehouse

Address: 355 Broadway, 2 blocks south of Cana
Phone: (212) 730-5003
Website: http://www.houseofjem.blogspot.com/
Notes: The only fabric store left downtown. Plenty of notions. Only source for Magnatec outside the Garment District. Open seven days a week!

Mood Fabrics

Address: 225 West 37th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 730-5003
Website: http://www.moodfabrics.com

NY Elegant Fabrics

Address: 224 W 40th Street (Between 7 and 8 ave), New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 302-4980
Website: http://nyelegantfabrics.com/
Notes: Has beautiful (fake) fur, but not many any affordable choices

B & J Fabrics

Address: 525 7th Avenue, 2nd Floor (between 38th and 39th), New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 354-8150
Website: www.bandjfabrics.com
Notes: Most beautiful fabrics, some insanely expensive, some affordable. Has a Garment District resource list available upon request.

Rosen & Chadick Fabrics

Address: 561 Seventh Avenue (corner 40th Street), 2nd and 3rd floor, New York, NY
Phone: (212) 869-0142
Website: http://www.rosenandchadickfabrics.com

Spandex House

Address: 263 W 38th Street, New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 354-6711
Website: http://www.spandexhouse.com
Notes: Has black lights in the back. Ask the staff to turn them on for you.

Spandex World

Address: 228 W. 38th Street. NEW YORK, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 391-2310
Website: http://www.spandexworld.com

Fabric Plus of New York

Address: 558 W 180th St, New York, NY 10033 (Washington Heights, NY)
Phone: (212) 781-7788
Website: Fabrics Plus of NY
Notes: Great cheap fabric store (way up in Wash Hts)

Trimming shops

Novelty Pom Pom

Address: 242 w39th 9th fl.
Notes: pom poms, tassels, fringe, piping

Botani USA

Address: 261 West 36th street
Notes: The ultimate in fashion hardware: buttons, buckles, etc. amazing selection, not cheap.

Metropolitan IMpex

Address: 966 6th ave (35/36st)
Notes: general trimming


Address: 34 W46 (5/6)
Notes: Miyong says "Amazing!". Jewerly finding, beads, interesting metal pieces from cheap to real gold and silver.

Match Feather

Address: 224 W38th
Notes: great feathers - mostly smaller feathers - cheap!!! swarovski rhinestones, trimmings, great stuff

Toho Shoji Inc

Address: 990 6th ave (36/37)
Notes: ultimate in beading, findings, rhinestones, etc. not cheap

Trims de Carnival

Address: 40 W38th Notes: beaded appliques, trims, fringe


Address: 251 W 39th St (between 7th Ave & 8th Ave), New York, NY 10018
Phone:(212) 354-1713
Website: www.daytonatrim.com
Notes: Miyong says "Cheap and Wonderful!". yarns upstairs, patterns, all kinds of trimmings. this is the place!

Pacific Trimmings

Address: 218 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018
Tel: (212) 279-9310
Website: http://www.pacifictrimming.com/
Note: My fave trim shop in NYC

Bhen Products (Sandaga)

1231 Broadway/30th NW corner
Notes: pipe cleaners, beads ( incl glow in the dark pony beads - $2.50), Magna Tac and E6000 glues, cheap rhinestones, sequins by the roll (very cheap), leather cording by the roll, and much more

B & J Florist Supply Co

Address: 103 West 28th Street (Between 6 and 7ave on the North side), New York, NY
Phone:(212) 564-6086
Notes: Ribbons by the roll, Tassels, and kinds of unusual items including butterflies

Tender Buttons

Address: 143 E. 62nd St., New York, NY 10065
Phone: (212) 758-7004
Web Listing: NY Mag Listing
Notes: The most delicate, unusual, couture, fine buttons. This store is a gem known in the fashion industry. Expensive

Hyman Hendler & Sons

Address: 21 West 38th St, New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 840-8393
Website: http://www.hymanhendler.com/
Notes: this is the place for fine ribbons

Fred Frankel & Sons

Address: 19 W 38th Street, New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 840-0810
Website: http://www.fredfrankel.com/
Notes: crystal beads galore. The entire costume shop industry shops here. Wholesale store in midtown.

M&J Trimming

Address: 1008 6th Avenue @37th street
Phone: 1-800-9-MJTRIM
Website: http://www.mjtrim.com/
Notes: M&J is more expensive than the others, and has real nice stuff.

Hai Trimmings

Address: 242 West 38th Street
Phone: (212) 764-2166
Website: https://haitrimstore.com
Notes: The most colorful, glittery trim in the Garment District. Lori’s favorite.

General crafting supplies

Pearl Paint

Address: 308 Canal St (between Broadway & Mercer St, New York, NY 10013
Phone:(212) 431-7932
Website: http://www.pearlpaint.com
Note: The separate craft store is no longer open, all crafting supplies are on the 4th floor of the main store. fabric paints, pom poms, pipe celaners, mache, mask bases, evrything in crafting!


Website: http://www.kitkraft.biz
Notes: This is a new one for me. And it's AWESOME. Has just about everything and easy to navigate. AWESOME

Oriental Trading

Website: http://www.orientaltrading.com/
Notes: Cheap craft supplies and toys. I've bought almost everything here, well almost. GREAT

Mister Art

Website: http://www.misterart.com/

Create For Less

Website: http://www.createforless.com/
Notes: Discount supplies

Blinkies and Glow products

27th Street Area

can be bought by the dozen on 27th Street between 7/8th Ave. Some places sell sunglasses by dozen from $3 to 12. They also sell hats, accessories....other gifting possibilities.

New Dragon Toy

sells ring blinkies $12 a dozen for 24 rings. I call them the port o pottie light source. They blink and also have a nonblink light source. Glow bracelets 50 for $9, Glow necklaces (don't know the $) They also sell all kinds of blinkie toys.

KHL Trading

sells Blinkies 24 pieces for $12. They also have other blinkie toys. Many choices.

Belloccio Inc.

Glow Bracelets and Glow necklaces, Blinkie toys. They sell those Laser(like) Rings which don't blink, but emit a strong light source. $12 for 24 rings....clear, red, green, and blue.

Accessories & Jewelery

Earring Plaza

Address: Broadway at 31st West side.
Notes: very cheap necklaces, bracelets, broaches and more. 2 floors.


Address: Broadway/29street
Notes: cheap sunglasses by dozen. $1 eyeliner, $1 fake eye lashes, make-ups, tattoos, and more

Sewing Supplies, Notions and Patterns


http://www.nancysnotions.com/ GOOD

http://www.folkwear.com/ Great past clothing and costume patterns - GREAT

  • Kwik Sew Patterns
  • McCall's Patterns Online
  • Past Patterns
  • Patterns for Period Costuming by Wingeo
  • Patterns from the Past
  • Simplicity Pattern Co., Inc.
  • Vogue Patterns
  • http://butterick.mccall.com/

Wardrobe Supplies

Address: 245 West 29th Street, 8th Floor New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 268-9993
Website: http://www.wardrobesupplies.com
Notes: This store is in the city and has everything for the Costume Industry. Costume shops all shop there. Very helpful

Sewing Notions NYC:



Steinlauf and Stoller

Fake Fur

Chic fabric

Address: 225 W 39th Street between 7th and 8th
Phone: (212) 398-9451 Website:

Weavers Fabrics Inc

Address: 257 W 39th St betw 7th and 8th
Phone: (212) 840-1492

Diana's fabrics

Address: 250 w 39th between 7th and 8th
Website: http://www.dianafabrics.com

Elegant fabrics

Address: 222 West 40th Street between 7th and 8th
Phone: (212) 302 - 4980
Website: http://nyelegantfabrics.com/
Notes: Their fur selection is incredible, it runs from about $10/yd to over $200/yd

Truemart Discount Fabrics

7th ave and 25th (261 7th ave).
Notes: They sell pornj fur for $7 a yard. Joseph said that if you start up a conversation with them about Burning Man and mention his name they will probably give you a good deal since Joseph told them he would tell people about the store.

Online Resources




http://www.denverfabrics.com/pages/static/fake-fur.htm GOOD PRICING


Hat/Headpiece Materials

http://www.judithm.com/ - I use occasionally for specialized materials - ADVANCED


http://www.mannys-millinery.com/ -

Specialized Fashion & Costumes

http://www.milieux.com/costume/source.html Pretty fucking great for all kinds of accessories, etc.


Fabric Dye & Supplies

http://www.dharmatrading.com/ - Fabric dyes, silk painting, clothing ready to paint and dye, fabrics, and much more.

http://www.aljodye.com/main.html - In the City, One of my main suppliers and very nice to deal with, how to dye booklets.

http://www.dickblick.com/categories/fabricdecoration/ Great basic dye and paint supplies. Good priceshttp

http://www.prochemicalanddye.com/ = Great, helpful dye and fabric paints and more. Helpful booklets for beginners.

Face and Body Paints

Plastic/Foam/Other Specialty Materials

Sculpting/Casing Materials

"Glowing" Paints and Pigments


Fluorescence or UV Reactive is the emission of visible light by a substance that has absorbed light of a different wavelength. In other words, it will glow the color used in Black Light immediately.

Fluorescences come in fabric paints- pigment, dyes, inks, pigments, fabric, trim, and other materials. If you are fabric painting and do not have a source for a curing oven, use pigment paints which requires ironing or heat setting in a dryer. In a pinch you can also use acrylic paint but it is not as flexible as fabric paint. If you want to use fabrics and trims, it's a good idea to bring a portable black light torch to make sure it will glow.


Phosphorescence or "Glow in the Dark" is a specific type of photoluminescence related to fluorescence. Unlike fluorescence, a phosphorescent material does not immediately re-emit the radiation it absorbs. Meaning, its needs to be reacted with a light source for a period of time to make it "glow". Using Black Light speeds up the absorption time. Depending on the quality you use, the glow will last only a few seconds to hours. There are different colors you can get.

Comes in paints, pigments, trims, yarns, sheets, fabrics(?), etc.. Solvent and water based. You can go on-line and google for on-line stores. Dharma Trading also carries the pigment.

This is where I got my pigments; glow time is longer due to higher quality, thus more expensive. http://www.glonation.com/

The store was in the city but I think they relocated to N.J.


Using either/and or both is a great way to accomplish a unique costuming option from using other lighting sources such as LEDS, Fiber Optics, El Wire which requires a power source. It has become popular in the last few of years of our community to have "Black Light" parties. So here is my sources of where to buy and use these materials.

Also you can use reflectives; fabric, trim, and sheeting.

Paints and Pigments

Scenic paints: Wildfire brand : http://www.rosebrand.com/product1224/Wildfire-Ultraviolet-Sensitive-Paints--Visible-Colors.aspx?tid=2&info=wild%2bfir%2bpaint (in the city)

Fabric Markers


Reflective materials

I researched fabrics that will reflect off the sun's rays and heat. Very useful for shades and costumes.

Reflective materials such as Aluminet (used for greenhouses), Reflectix ( which is essentially bubblepack sandwiched between 2 layers of foil) reflect off the sun's rays and heat. Can be pricy, this is the expensive version of mylar.


Reflectix can be found at Dollar shops in the form of Car Sun Shades. Some suggestive uses:

  • Make a hat/headpiece. Cut and glue shapes. Use thin craft wire on the edge of shapes, glue, then bend into fun shapes.
  • Cover your shade structures, tents
  • Cut shapes and glue onto costumes, shoes, etc.
  • Get a umbrella, cut shapes and glue.


Aluminet is more drapy fabric ,a knitted metallic shade material. This is expensive but can reflect up to 70% of the sun's rays. Great for shades, costuming. Different %s of reflection available. I got this tip from several Burner sites.

Cheaper alternatives

These are not as reflective

Silver metallic stretch fabrics. Esp fabrics such as Spandex Stretch. Cover your shade structures. Great because it's stretchy and can be pulled taut to make it more secure than using mylar. Will not rip easily. Also it's quiet! Maybe not as reflective as mylar. Great for costuming!

Lame, Liquid Lame

Silver coated fabrics

Found at Spandex House and other large fabric shops. Check online for competetive prices.

Reflective fabrics

The stuff they use for safety vests is very expensive. I found the tape online but not fabric yardage that's affordable. I decided to pass on this and stay with the above recommendations.

Reflective tapes and more

Mirror Tiles

1/2" squares

Oriental Trading has these amazing acrylic mirror tiles that I've glued onto everything...masks, costumes, shoes.


Other Resources

See also Thrift and Vintage Shops


Address: 256 W 36th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10018
Phone: (866) 888-6677
Website: http://www.mossonline.com/
Notes: This Soho store has one of the best in innovative home accessories. I LOVE this place, so inspirational.

Henri Bendel

Address: 712 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 1800-HBENDEL
Website: http://www.henribendel.com/
Notes: Henri Bendel is one of the best in boutique department stores. They have an annual open call for designers once a year.

Penn & Fletcher

Address: 21-07 41st Avenue, 5th Floor, LIC, NY
Phone: (212) 239-6868
Website: http://www.pennandfletcher.com/
Notes: costume industry standard in custom/retail embroidery

plus Barneys, the Meat-Packing district for designer shops: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney.

Research and More

FIT Fashion Library


MET Educational Resources