Campers still looking for a POD

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Camper Without A Home?

Here is a place for you to leave some info and connect with PODs looking to fill spots! We can;t find you if we don't know who you are... Here are some instructions and an example:

  1. State your name
  2. State how many years you have been to BM, How many with KK
  3. State what you are looking for in a POD
  4. State when you are planning to arrive and exodus
  5. State your tent size
  6. State a fun fact about you
  7. Email address to reach out at


  • Amanda. BM for 3 years KK for 3 years. I am looking for a fun POD that stays out late and drinks pickle-backs together but also knows how to work when needed. I am arriving Monday August 19th and Exodusing Monday September 2nd. My tent in 9x7. I love Indie Folk music and cookies.

This is your chance to find a good home for the burn that fits what you are looking for and it also gives people looking for POD mates an easy way to find you!

Let's meet each other!

List of Campers Looking For A POD

  • ok so there are a bunch of people still looking but for some reason they have not posted here yet so I took the liberty of posting for my pod below - feel free to contact me with any questions at - CALLING ALL POD-LESS SLUTS!!!! If you do not have a pod by now and are open to the idea of podding with a wild bunch of sex positive party cats please consider the ENTWINED pod. Weather you are Pan-sexual,Polygamous, an ethical slut or monogamous and kinky we just might be the right fit for you! - or clearly the wrong fit for these same reasons but regardless if you do not have a POD by now get on it ppls!! Be proactive and find one that fits your party style/sexuality/kink/costuming!!!