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Hi everyone!

I'm Constantino "Tino" Ontiveros, born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico some fifty plus years ago.

Home is Downey CA, since the 80's where I live with my wife Rosa. Raised here three honest (always), hard working (not always), normal (most of the time) young men, (I'm the off beat of the family, hehehe).

In defaultia I'm an Industrial Mechanic, working for LA County for more than 25 years at a power plant.

My first exposure to Burning Man was some six years ago through an Internet video of a beautiful couple spinning fire in the desert.That then linked me to the actual BM web site, where I spent most of an evening digesting the 10 principals that I believed have always lived by.

Back then, nobody I knew had any idea of what Burning Man was, but I was determined to go so I became an eBurner, reading/lurking the ePlaya forums for a couple of years (I know, how lame, huh?) and preparing, buying camping equipment and stuff to get me ready to flame in the desert.

In 2010 I decided that was the year that I needed to go or bust. I looked for a rideshare, found and responded to an ad of a group from NYC that needed someone to share costs and drive back to Los Angeles with their rental RV. Oh boy, what a diverse bunch we were. That is when I met my dear friend Mary Kyle, that introduce me to Jungle, (hi Jerry) that then introduced me to Kostume Kult.

This is why I have been in trouble ever since, hehehe.

Stay dusty my friends!