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Reformata is a collaborative group of individuals with the goal of reinvention, looking forward and creating new experiences with emphasis on 'letting go' of anything that holds one back.

Together with Creative Director Brandon Robinson the group has built large art cars, local art and thrown several fundraising events, including 'Hunters & The Hunted', 'Maiden Voyage', and a collaboration on 'FreaKKshow' with Kostume Kult in 2011, as well as 'Mentality' in 2010 and several smaller intimate events.

The roots reach back to 2006, bringing 'The Last Caress' to the playa, the ideababy of Nick Chomicki, a giant coffin pulled by a 20ft tall grim reaper that held passengers, played music and a bar.

In recent years the art car for burning man has been rebuilt and a structure welded together topped with a 23ft geodesic dome with 3 internal levels and a crows nest, DJ booth, lights, hammock swings and art inside. This structure was first used in 2010 and decorated at the 'Turj Mahal' a giant turtle, and most recently in 2011 for 'Modulus', a giant snail.

Art directors from the group have led decor and main sections of some of the largest burner and art events in the NYC area.