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(KKBM15 Public Camper List)
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== KKBM15 Public Camper List ==
== KKBM15 Public Camper List ==
For the 'live' automatically updated list of campers in each POD, please head to [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18vk66Bs6kI4x1ErXFcs8wpdCefIQ_qeeDaZyQ57YXa4/edit#gid=353972896 KKBM15 Public Camper List]
== KKBM15 POD list ==
== KKBM15 POD list ==

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KKBM15 Public Camper List

KKBM15 POD list

Below is the list of KKBM15 PODs and POD leads:

  • First Pod/Lilypad - Lead Contact: Isabeau
  • Primate Pod - Lead Contact: Costume Jim
  • Goddess Grove - Lead Contact: Atrina Brill/Mike Weinstein
  • Flexus Nexus - Lead Contact: David Shimel
  • Peeper Pod - Lead Contact: Link Salas
  • RAD- Rose All Day - Lead Contact: Honeybee Love
  • Hardy Gang - Lead Contact: Amber Cameron
  • PODlantis - Lead Contact: Kirk Dupuis
  • Kat Kave - Lead Contacts: Silk Kat and David Gloss