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* Berni
* Berni
* Amanda
* Amanda
* Dusty Lashes

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2012 MOOP Elimination Plan

Nyrvana Village will be Green!!

Due to less than stellar MOOP ratings the past few years, Kostume Kult will be having Mandatory MOOP cleaning Shifts for everyone in the camp. These shifts are one hour long, and take place each day at 6:00 PM from Monday until Sunday. The MOOP shift will meet at the central shade area, and the KK MOOP Czar will divide them up and have them sweep the entire camp. Frontage will be a target, to clean up after the costume giveaway of the day. In addition, areas that are MOOP-waiting-to-happen will be identified and sorted out, such as work areas with tools and shit laying around, Pods that look like a dorm room, etc.

There will be a village MOOP czar, a MOOP Czar for each Camp, and a MOOP czar for each Pod (see below for more details).

More information on MOOP, problem items, and how to clean properly: http://www.burningman.com/environment/playa_restoration/index.html

REMEMBER - each and every person in the camp is responsible for cleaning up their own personal stuff and for cleaning up any MOOP or probably MOOP situations that they see in the Camp.

Please sign up for a MOOP shift by adding your name to the wiki below or emailing DK, and make sure that you are there. Please do NOT sign up for a shift on a night when you have kitchen duties. If you do not sign up for a shift, we will sign you up for TWO.

Camp Moop Czars

Each camp will have a MOOP Czar for that camp. If you identify a problem with a particular camp during a sweep, you should find the MOOP czar for that camp and let them know.

  • Overall Village MOOP Czar - Sarah J
  • Reformata Czar -
  • Entwined Czar - Bryan Handyside
  • PRED Czar -

POD Moop Czars

Each Pod will have a MOOP Czar responsible for making sure that the Pod is kept clean. If you identify a problem with a particular pod during a sweep, you should find the MOOP czar for that pod and let them know.

PODS - please select a MOOP czar and add their name below, or email DK to add it.

  • Lilly Pod - Devan Skylar
  • Pleasure Dome -
  • Nyrv Center -
  • Garden of Heathens -
  • Ovareacticles -
  • Poddy All The Time -

Moop Shift Schedule


  • JessMac
  • Aaron
  • Sarah Reeb
  • Juan Tobo
  • Travis Youssef
  • Berni
  • Amanda
  • Dusty Lashes


  • Courtenay Cotton
  • Josh
  • Cody
  • Blue Coyote


  • Tom Egan
  • Lindsay Arden
  • Laura Rubin


  • Boris Berdich...