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= Overview of Crafting & Kostume Shifts =
= Overview of Crafting & Kostume Shifts =
* (Link to PDF document of shift information to come)
* Here is information on Leading a Shift, and what is expected during each shift: [[File:Kostume & Krafting - Leadership Guidelines 2017.pdf]]

= Crafting & Kostume Shift Signup =
= Crafting & Kostume Shift Signup =

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Overview of Crafting & Kostume Shifts

Crafting & Kostume Shift Signup

  • If you already signed up to MC, or you are a shift lead for the Kostume or Crafting, your name will already be there on the shift to which you are assigned. Please DO NOT change that. If you have an issue, reach out to Ahmed and Pat and have them make the adjustment.
  • Please see the Shift Signup Procedure for more info on how shift signup will work this year. We are trying a new system this year, so please make sure that you understand it all before you attempt to sign up for shifts.
  • NOTE: Please make sure that you are not signing up for two shifts on the same day. Really. Really really.

MC Information

  • Eliza and Link are the people to contact if you want to MC
  • Here is the MC Guide which has more info and details on what this very important role is like: File:MC Guide 2017 V3.pdf