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# Ian Katz
# Ian Katz
# JC Calhoun
# JC Calhoun
# Kristina Kesler
# Kristina
# Mark Schepis
# Mark Schepis
# Rachel Harvest
# Rachel Harvest
# Stephanie Monroy  
# Stephanie Monroy
===Cooking/Serving shift (4:30 - Dinner is served)===  
===Cooking/Serving shift (4:30 - Dinner is served)===  

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Kitchen Information

Our kitchen serves delicious meals each night from Monday Night through Saturday night of the burn. There will be vegetarian options each night as well as a selection of side dishes. You are required to bring your own cup, plate, eating utensils, napkins etc as you need to do for any food or drink related event at the burn.

NOTE: While we do not serve breakfast or lunch, there are numerous unscheduled "pop-ups" for good boys and girls, featuring lots of bacon, eggs, and treats for all your senses. If you see the kitchen cookin', feel free to come lookin'.

Each member of our camp is required to put in at least one shift in the kitchen. More information on that will be coming soon, so please sign up as soon as that is available or else we will sign you up for a shift on our own.

If you would like to get more involved in kitchen planning, cooking, meal planning etc please contact Brandy so that she can work that out with you.

Kitchen Shifts

Monday Night

Olive Garden come to Playa (served by our very own single teen mom - or at least she tells the boys she is only 19)

Chicken Scampi
Shrimp Scampi
Linguine with Scampi Sauce (V)
Fresh Salad with croutons (V)
Endless Breadstick (V)

Early Prep shift (1:30 - 4:30 PM)

  1. Alizarin Waissberg
  2. Bernhard Seefeld
  3. Lesley Milch
  4. Moisey Uretsky
  5. Neal Milch
  6. Tom Eschar
  7. Thad Strang
  8. Devan Skylar
  9. Kati Bicknell

Cooking/Serving shift (4:30 - Dinner is served)

  1. Arkady Sokolov
  2. Allison Navis
  3. Blase Theodore
  4. Marisol "Wabi Sabi"
  5. Psyche Chimere
  6. Tino Ontiveros
  7. Tonya "Dusty Lashes"

Cleaning shift (After Dinner until kitchen is clean)

  1. Inna Katz
  2. Jennifer Buchanan
  3. Frederic Ador
  4. Kat Millerick
  5. Tommy Mastrangelo
  6. Christopher Hardwick
  7. Cris "Hypnotiq"Vergara

Tuesday Night

South of the Border, with extra special illegal everything (free dessert if you come in a taco costume or smelling like you just went down south to the land of the pink taco).

Mystery Meat
Sweet Potato and Soy Chorizo stir fry (V)
Beans (V)
Rice (V)
Grilled Mixed Veggies (V)

Toppings: Sour cream, Salsa, Hot Sauce, Guacamole, Tomatoes, Cheese, Lettuce

Early Prep shift (1:30 - 4:30 PM)

  1. Eric Harvey Brown
  2. Ian Choo
  3. Paulo Veiga
  4. Dori Jay
  5. Tara Lober
  6. Matt Boardman

Cooking/Serving shift (4:30 - Dinner is served)

  1. Alicia Noel
  2. Marianna Lavin
  3. Amanda Donelan
  4. Rebecca Nuvoletta
  5. Eliza Spear
  6. Ilia Koudriachov
  7. Calie Chapman

Cleaning shift (After Dinner until kitchen is clean)

  1. Charanjeet Birdie
  2. Gabriela Voll
  3. Afifah Aljunied
  4. Joey Vergara
  5. Stanley Dudek
  6. James Hill
  7. Miguel Peschiera

Wednesday Night

MARK DUDEK Loose in the Kitchen (ladies please try and keep your panties on)

Poached Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce
Lemon Pepper Crusted Pork Loin
Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts (V)
Three Bean Salad (V)
Roasted Red Potatoes (V)
Spring Salad with Cranberries/Walnuts & Balsamic Vinaigrette (V)

Early Prep shift (1:30 - 4:30 PM)

  1. Britelite
  2. Bo Min Kim
  3. Ian Katz
  4. JC Calhoun
  5. Kristina
  6. Mark Schepis
  7. Rachel Harvest
  8. Stephanie Monroy

Cooking/Serving shift (4:30 - Dinner is served)

  1. Bo Min Kim
  2. WaiKin Wong
  3. Audrey Ida Schaps
  4. Brack stubblefield
  5. Ian Rhett
  6. Amanda wotton

Cleaning shift (After Dinner until kitchen is clean)

  1. Matthew Sunderland
  2. Willow Olson
  3. Earth Bennett
  4. Geoff Shearer
  5. John "Exactly" Walter
  6. Kyle Ginther
  7. Marina Zavelevich "MarZ"
  8. Will Sacks

Thursday Night

Submissive Steak Night Watch Ken Bunny beat his meat (and all of yours) into submission as we celebrate everything red and fiesty. (Free KK Pendant for anyone who comes to dinner in complete BDSM fetishwear)

STEAK (exact genre TBD)
Grilled Portabella Mushrooms (V)
Cream of some young spinach (V)
Beaten, Bruised & Mashed Potatoes (V)
Interrogated & Grilled Vegetables (V)

Early Prep shift (1:30 - 4:30 PM)

  1. Kenneth Yim
  2. Josh "Lucky" Blumenthal
  3. Lauren Morales
  4. Viktor Getmanchuk
  5. Annie "Honeybee"

Cooking/Serving shift (4:30 - Dinner is served)

  1. Kenneth Yim
  2. Jennifer Tavis
  3. Michelle Palmer
  4. Erik Bryan Slavin
  5. Sharon Buchanan
  6. Roy Marasigan

Cleaning shift (After Dinner until kitchen is clean)

  1. Nan Teh
  2. Brandi Etheridge
  3. Siuchoon Koay
  4. Bryan Handyside
  5. Eric Altbush
  6. Erica Greenfield

Friday Night

Boris does Indian, with Tandoori Chicken and a wicked Curry.
Prepare the baby wipes, its going to burn in the morning.

Early Prep shift (1:30 - 4:30 PM)

  1. David Ort
  2. Melanie Shurka
  3. Ben Mehlman
  4. Richard Bowers

Cooking/Serving shift (4:30 - Dinner is served)

  1. Anastasiya Tarasenko
  2. Eyra
  3. Franco Cefalo
  4. Rob Breckenridge
  5. Jamie McGlaughn
  6. Joslyn Kernahan
  7. Jessica Fernandez

Cleaning shift (After Dinner until kitchen is clean)

  1. Al Walz
  2. Alex Skuratovsky
  3. Dawn Cook
  4. Isaac LeBlanc
  5. Wade McGlaughn
  6. Alec Jarnagin
  7. Arthur Esteves-Ferreira
  8. Jendra Jarnagin
  9. Lori Connell

Saturday Night

Ravioli Gone Wild Celebrate international Bacon day (and the night the fucker in the center of playa finally burns) with bacon treats and a side of ravioli.

Spinach and Cheese Ravioli (V)
Meat Sauce
Red Meatless Sauce (V)
Mixed Vegetables (V)
Special Bacon Celebration

NOTE: Burn night shifts will start an hour early and serve an hour early so everyone has time to find their perfect perch to begin a magical night.

Early Prep shift (12:00 - 3:00 PM)

  1. Carly Dintaman
  2. Tempe Krieger
  3. Rebekka Hohl
  4. Jana Fox
  5. Kirill Slysh
  6. Emily Polak

Cooking/Serving shift (3:00 - Dinner is served)

  1. Christie Tan
  2. Mike Burgher
  3. Kendrik Wong
  4. Doug Waters
  5. Miroslava Palavicini
  6. Preston Dane

Cleaning shift (After Dinner until kitchen is clean)

  1. Joseph Martinez
  2. Spike Knight
  3. Bionic
  4. Golem
  5. Mary Kyle
  6. Erwin Valencia
  7. Jorge Sibilia

There are no more official shifts after the man burns. Keep an eye out for bacon pop-ups, pizza parties, leftover booze and everything but the kitchen sink getting grilled up.