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(Camp & Frontage Images)
(Camp Map)
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= Camp Map =
= Camp Map =
Check it out and be delighted: [[File:KKBM17-Map-8-8-17.pdf]]
Check it out and be delighted: [[File:KKBM17-Map-8-10-17.pdf]]
= Camp & Frontage Images =
= Camp & Frontage Images =

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Camp Map

Check it out and be delighted: File:KKBM17-Map-8-10-17.pdf

Camp & Frontage Images

I promise, it always looks even better in person...

Frontage, in its glory, but minus all the color and decor and details and sound system and lights and of course the amazing people!!

KKBM17-Map-8-8-17 - Frontage 1a.jpg

Approaching our camp from the 5:00 Side

KKBM17-Map-8-8-17 - 5-00 Approach.jpg

View towards kitchen and center shade, from First Pod

KKBM17-Map-8-8-17 - Center Shade from above First Pod.jpg

Lounging on the playatech benches and watching the kitchen work...

KKBM17-Map-8-8-17 - Center Shade and Kitchen.jpg

Showers, Kitchen, Center Shade (from Bat Cave Side)

Showers and Kitchen.jpg

Container Camp, ready to sit and watch you lift your own shit.

KKBM17-Map-8-8-17 - Container Camp Space.jpg