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Camp dues, Tickets, Container Space

For Kostume Kult at Love Burn 2020.

Payment Options

We are trying to keep fees down for everyone by using quickpay, paypal 'friends-and-family' or venmo. If you must pay by credit card or check, let us know and we can arrange it!

  • Preferred option (no fees, and direct from your bank account to ours): by Zelle / QuickPay to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com. If you have a Chase, Citi, BoA or Capital One account this is definitely supported. Most other US banks also offer QuickPay / Zelle - a full list of participating banks can be found here.
  • by PayPal to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com. You MUST do the following to avoid fees:
    • Log on to your PayPal
    • Click on “Pay or Send Money”, then “Send money to friends and family“
    • Send proper amount to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com
    • You MUST use your bank account or PayPal balance, otherwise we will get charged a fee! PLEASE DO NOT make things harder on us by neglecting this!
  • by Venmo to Kostume-Kult

In all cases, send an email to Isa & Dave confirming the amount that you sent us, and what it is for, e.g.:

From: camper1@gmail.com
To: isabeau.vidal@gmail.com, dfriedeborn@gmail.com
cc: camper2@gmail.com

2 x Dues (Camper1 & Camper2) + 3 x yellow tops = 2 x $60 + 3 x $51 = $273 total sent via paypal

See you at trailer load-in! ;-) 

Camp Dues

2020 Camp Dues for Kostume Kult at Love Burn are $60 per person.

Container / Trailer space

We are organizing our own transport of camper bins to Love Burn. Price is $8.50 / cu ft, or $51 for each yellow top. PLEASE use Lowe's yellow tops preferably if you have not yet bought any bins, as they will stack properly with each other as opposed to other similar size bins from other vendors.

Load-in for the trailer will be on Saturday morning, February 1st, downtown Manhattan (same as in 2019). Trailer space is only available to KK campers at this time. Please avoid packing heavy items such as drinks or food that can be easily purchased onsite (supermarkets are less than half an hour from the event grounds)

Love Burn Tickets

We have a limited number of Love Burn Artist Tickets available at $195 per ticket. If you need a ticket, please check with Isabeau first to make sure there's still one available. If so, then you'll send $195 to us (payment options above), after which we send you a code that will allow you to buy a LB ticket online at BPT (same location as regular LB tickets) for a minimal fee.