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Camp dues, Tickets, Container

For Kostume Kult at Love Burn 2020

Payment Options

  • Preferred option (no fees, and direct from your bank account to ours): by Zelle / QuickPay to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com. If you have a Chase, Citi, BoA or Capital One account this is definitely supported. Most other US banks also offer QuickPay / Zelle - a full list of participating banks can be found here.
  • by PayPal to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com. You MUST do the following to avoid fees:
    • Log on to your PayPal
    • Click on “Pay or Send Money”, then “Send money to friends and family“
    • Send $500 to kostumekultfinance@gmail.com
    • You MUST use your bank account or PayPal balance, otherwise we will get charged a fee! PLEASE DO NOT make things harder on us by neglecting this!
  • by Venmo to Kostume-Kult
  • if you must pay by check or credit card, let us know!

Camp Dues

Love Burn Tickets

Container / Trailer space