Jerry "Jungle" Goldman

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Wowza. Powza. I got me a wiki page. DK said 'write your bio', so I guess I'll write my bio.

I was born. I don't remember that. I do remember that at one point I started being called Jungle. I had thought that it was went I was like 17 and was a 'nature' counsellor in a camp and slept in the woods a lot. I was told a couple of years ago that folks started calling me that when I was 15 and had just come back from riding my bicycle (and sleeping on the side of the road or in parks in a sleeping bag) from NY to California and finally finding people I liked when I walked through golden gate park and the planet was changing direction. At times I'm called Mr. Goldman (generally when a judge is on the bench); at times Jerry (at work or my mother); at times J or jerk; and at times dad (no longer daddy).

I started creating 'counter-cultural' events when I started college. I founded, with terri (who used to camp with us) a group called the Heights Freaks and/or Perverts. At one point it was purportedly the largest student organization at NYU (at least according to a college guide for high school students). It got me to meet the President of the US (I asked him how it felt to burn babies), the Governor of the State of NY (I asked about the Attica prison riots) and hang with John Lennon's band before I was 21.

I'm an attorney. I solve problems.

I'm a daddy (even though they call me dad). They would do well on the playa (but who would want to go with their father).

I play the drums. I stir up the energy.

I MC the outside of the kostume dome, a lot, on the playa. We do need lots of volunteers for that. It is lots of fun.

I stay in JungleLand on the Playa (vs JungleLand NYC) which is an RV located in some pod (I've slept for weeks in the dirt and rain; don't need to do that again). Stop by and visit.

Hugs of love