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Links to Gear

Personal Gear

  • Airline Approved Rolling Bin
    2fc00594-d9ba-46ae-b4da-4611e4a9c17f 300.jpg

    Plano Sportsman Locker
    Totally useful and ready for your Flight!
    We left the "approved by all airlines" sticker on the front and never have had a problem. If you fly Southwest, you get TWO free checked bags per person. These bins count as 5 cubic fee so in the container they cost about 35 dollars to Ship (do your own math to confirm). However, if you are shipping in the container, i am not sure if these are actually strong enough. I'd use the next bin inside the container.

  • Tough Tote - and I mean TOUGH!
    38bba2b5-2777-44ab-986f-0ecf165366b5 300.jpg

    Tough Tote
    What can i say. We use these everyday in our home to store stuff. Every Camping trip. Every drive out to Burning Man. You can stand on them, sit on them, put big piles of crap on them. PERFECT for the Container. These are also about 5 cubic feet. MAKE SURE you get some.

  • Spray paint
    Plastic Spray Paint.
    Decorate your boxes uniquly so they are easy to find in the big pile that develops near the container. The paint comes in all kinds of colors, so maybe more than just your name and a pretty picture!

Camping Gear

  • Rugged 4-season tent!

    Eureka Outlet
    It is four season and expedition. This one is called the "High Camp".... nice name....:-) We used this tent brand of tent with no modifications. No sealing of screens, no hassles and had no dust problems even when camped out on bare Playa. If you call in the Factory Store, and Say you are going to Burning Man, the manager dude there gave us a big discount. You might get lucky! Totally worth EVERY penny. We have the K-2 tent. It does not appear on the outlet web site. If you want it's larger Sister the K-s, fits a king size mattress..... :-), Then look here: K-2 XT Tent

  • General Tent Tips - Tents with less mesh are better, as they tend to keep out more dust. We are a drop tight on space (one of the benefits of being on esplanade) so please buy a tent that is large enough for you but not so enormous that it takes up tons and tons of space unnecessarily.

  • Zip Ties! Zip Ties are the life and love of the playa. They can be used to fix almost anything and are essential to securing tarps, clipping things down, etc. Please do not look for the cheapest zip ties as the cheaper ones tend to not stay closed and be really weak. Longer and stronger are the way to go with zipties!

  • Extension Cords Each tent is responsible for bringing at least one extension cord with an appropriate splitter so that they can get power from the closest spider box over to their tent. NOTE: It is super important when purchasing an extension cord to make sure to get a high rated one, as cheap cords suck too much power because of the resistance that has to be overcome to get the power all the way to the end of the cord. This can lead to fuses blowing, etc and much pain for the rest of the camp. Please make sure to get one that is at least 50 feet long, 15 AMP rated or higher and most importantly make sure the cord is rated 14 gauge at most (lower gauge = better).