Early Arrival and Breakdown 2017

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Early Arrival and Breakdown Details

A key part of participation is our early arrival and breakdown crews. Early Arrival crew builds the camp infrastructure so that its ready when the gates open on Sunday night. Breakdown takes it all away and packs it up and makes sure that we are a green LNT camp.

EVERY person who steps foot on playa before gates open needs a Work Access Pass (as well as their ticket of course). We are limited in how many we get, and priority goes to people who arrive earlier.

This year, there are three early arrival dates that you can choose from if you want to participate. For each date, you must arrive in reno and do any shopping needed there AT LEAST the day before so that you can be on playa by mid-day on the date you are stating. We plan on all eating a big breakfast together in reno on each of these days and then heading out as a pack.

The early arrival dates are:
Monday Morning, August 21
Wednesday Morning, August 23
Friday Morning, August 25

We also need people to help with the shopping, storage loading, etc in Reno starting Saturday morning August 19th.

Breakdown means that you stay until Monday night or Tuesday Mid-day. This is key work that really helps us a lot. PLEASE, if you can, do not book your flight out of reno to return any earlier than Wednesday. Many hands make the work go easy. And I will love you forever.

Following Breakdown, we will need help in Reno to unload into the storage unit, clean trucks etc etc. Please help if you can. It is a crucial point, where the core group will end up with a lot of the hard work all on their own if we don't all pitch in.

Early Arrival Crew

Monday Morning, August 21

  1. Amanda Donelan
  2. Bryant Sterczala
  3. Caroline Reidy
  4. Clair Seager
  5. Dan Galron
  6. Dan Finton
  7. Dana Pogorelec-Khan
  8. Dana Voehl Graham
  9. Isabeau Vidal
  10. Joelle Musante
  11. Juliet Kressner
  12. Kaylen Thorpe
  13. Ken Ellis
  14. Lino Medina Mendez
  15. Mark Richards
  16. Mike Mazya
  17. Pat Brown
  18. Patricia Collins
  19. Peggy Sheehy
  20. Priscilla Perez
  21. Sharjeel Khan
  22. Stacey Newman Weldon
  23. Todd Powell
  24. Atrina Brill (Special Guest)

Wednesday Morning, August 23

  1. Alvaro Saavedra
  2. Andreau Blanchard
  3. Bernhard Seefeld
  4. Blue LeStrange
  5. Caley Bisson
  6. Chad Gallagher
  7. Christine Circe Reid
  8. David Katz
  9. David Kiss
  10. David Fabricant
  11. David Ginsberg
  12. Doug Waters
  13. Elenor Gokcek
  14. Ema Takeda
  15. Filomena Daniels
  16. Fiona Aboud
  17. Gearóid Dolan
  18. Gene Harrison
  19. Goldi Kohn
  20. Gregor Rothfuss
  21. Jessica Murray
  22. Jillian Duran
  23. Kait Murphy
  24. Kan Seidel
  25. Ksenia Plotnikova
  26. Liana Fan
  27. Link Salas
  28. Matt Goff
  29. Matt Sinderband
  30. Monica Quaintance
  31. Nina Rodriguez
  32. Robert Jordan
  33. Roy Marasigan
  34. Steve Landis
  35. Susie Baez
  36. Thea Gibson

Friday Morning, August 25

  1. Ahmed Hassaballa
  2. Alexandra Schiavinato
  3. Andrea Matney
  4. Anna Baburina
  5. Antonina Zernova
  6. Deirdre Corrigan
  7. Evgeniya Dolgopolova
  8. Fernando Cau
  9. Felix Gil
  10. Flavio Franca
  11. Ivan Rodin
  12. Jeffrey Thompson
  13. Jerry Goldman
  14. Joanne Coady
  15. Josh Simpson
  16. Juliana Kazieva
  17. Larissa Tavares
  18. Maria Gorodnitsky
  19. Marianna Lavin
  20. Oliver O'Brien
  21. Olya Breslavskaya
  22. Patricia "Golden Child" Wright
  23. Patricia "Diva Psychicstar" Wright
  24. Priscyla Barbosa
  25. Rebekah "Lola Bee" Pazmino
  26. Steven Matney
  27. William "Jeremiah Geniuz" Wright

Early Arrival Menu

With great responsibility, comes great sustenance for your belly. This year we are planning the build week food a bit more. Rough menu outline is as follows:

Monday Night

  • Deli Sandwiches (you didn't think we would cook the day we arrive, did you?)

Tuesday - Rollups

  • Assorted Meat & Veggie rolls

Tuesday Night - Taco Tuesday

  • Fish Tacos
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Beef Tacos
  • Fresh Guacamole
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Watermelon

Wednesday Lunch - Rollups

  • Assorted Meat & Veggie rolls

Wednesday Night - Pork is your new God

  • Pork loin with apples and red onions
  • Brown Rice.
  • Spinach Salad with dried cranberries and walnuts and goat cheese
  • Veg Option: Spaghetti with fresh pesto.

Thursday Lunch - Sticks are not MOOP

  • Chicken/Shrimp/Veggie Kabobs.
  • Taboulli
  • Fresh Tzazki
  • Greek salad

Thursday Night - STEAKS

  • Steaks
  • Portabella Mushroom caps
  • Grilled asparagus
  • Pasta salad
  • Grilled stone fruit

Friday Lunch - Legs for Dayz

  • BBQ Chicken legs
  • 3-Bean Salad
  • Green salad.

Friday Night - Welcome to the Weekend

  • Ratatouille over rice
  • Assorted grilled veggies
  • Grilled Sausages
  • Green salad

Saturday Lunch - Kat's Russian lunch

  • Russian Things

Saturday Night - Jungle's Sausage Fest

  • Assorted sausages (including tofu)
  • Green salads
  • 3 bean salad
  • Sauerkraut

Breakdown Crew

Monday evening, September 4

  1. Sharjeel Khan
  2. Dana Pogorelec-Khan
  3. Peggy Sheehy
  4. Danisa Arias
  5. Andrea Matney
  6. Bones Matney

Tuesday mid-day, September 5

  1. David Katz
  2. Isa Vidal
  3. Goldi Kohn
  4. Ksenia Plotnikova
  5. Susie Baez
  6. Elenor Gokcek
  7. Stacey Newman Weldon
  8. Ken Ellis