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Bold textHi KK! I am so excited about kamping again this year with you guys and it will be my 3rd BM with you fine folks. Love love love you all so much! I live in Nashville, and work as a stylist for over 20 years. I am pretty free spirited and playful. I am a lover of many things in life; music, kamping, art in any form, reading, home improvements, yoga, hiking, biking, gardening, traveling, learning about most anything, and kitty kats! I am quite at times and more often than not a bit loud and twisted. I also am more of a day person at BM. I like wandering around and seeing where I end up. That doesn't mean you won't bump into me in the middle of the night, post naps, and second winds are great! I am adventuresome but I do like my sleep. Hee! I came to know and love KK through my bubs, Josh and Cody. Much love to them for introducing and mentoring me last year! I love being a part of KK even though I haven't gotten to come to the parties in NYC as of yet. But I am planning to! Always there in spirit though. UPDATE: This year a few Nashville Burners will be joining us! So excited for you to meet these awesome peeps, many are vets and a few are virgins. Please make them feel as welcome as you have me. The are really amazing and will add a lot to KK. We started doing regular meeting and just built our first theme camp as a group for the TN burn! I hope to see all of your beautiful faces on the playa. This has been a tough year being separated from you all! I miss you all so terribly! But, I will see you soon, at home! Hugz!