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==Quick Links==
* Camp Dues: http://kostumekult.com/bm2013/dues/
* RV fees: http://kostumekult.com/bm2013/rv/
More details below!
==Camp Dues==
==Camp Dues==

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Quick Links

More details below!

Camp Dues

Camp Dues have been announced! Due to the addition of water to the camp, as well as rising costs, the dues this year will be $375 per person. HOWEVER, we are offering a dues refund of up to $75 per person for doing early arrival and breakdown.

The refunds will be given after Burning Man, and will be set up as follows:

  • Early Arrival (Wednesday or earlier): $25 refund
  • Breakdown until Monday night: $25 refund
  • Breakdown until Tuesday Night: $25 refund (NOTE: If breakdown is finished Monday night, the Tuesday refund will be given to anyone who is there at the very end of Breakdown).

The refunds are cumulative, so if you do early arrival Wednesday or earlier plus breakdown until Tuesday night you get a $75 refund.

You can pay your dues now, through this online link: http://kostumekult.com/bm2013/dues/

You can also pay your dues in person by giving DK cash or a check (made out to Costume Cultural Society).

NOTE: Camp Dues and RV Fees are due by July 19, 2013. We have lots of vendors to pay, and we need the money as soon as possible. Dues paid after July 19th will be subject to a $50 late fee

Your camp dues are what make everyday camp life go round! Camp dues are used to pay for food, electricity and construction of common infrastructure such as frontage, showers, etc.

Please bear in mind that even the full dues do not cover the per-person cost of running an esplanade frontage camp like we do. We spend a fortune of money on our art, costumes, food, electricity, etc so that we truly give back to the community and making the burn an amazing experience for everyone. We have year-round fundraising events in order to allow us to keep dues at a reasonable level (and cheaper than most of our peer camps), and that hard work is done by a few core members of our community time and time again. However, if someone has special circumstances which prevents them from being able to pay full dues, please let me know and we can see what we can do for you.

RV Dues

RV fees are $700 per RV and they are a one time payment per RV. RV dues cover the cost of power, water tank filling and pumping for the RVs. It is up to each RV crew to figure out who in that RV will pay the RV fee.

You can pay RV Dues now, through this online link: http://kostumekult.com/bm2013/rv/

You can also pay your RV dues in person by giving DK cash or a check (made out to Costume Cultural Society).