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Kostume Kult is a costume art, theme event and street-theater community that has HUGE fun! Based in New York City with members internationally, our "kult" is an open one inviting all to pursue costumed creativity year-around.

We are a growing community of multimedia artists and whimsical souls. We host many events including a Burning Man fashion camp, a wild NYC Halloween Parade float and numerous theme parties, street spectacles and crafting events. Participants range from 18-50+ including students, execs, parents and talented people of many ilks. We work together on costuming, interactive art, street spectacles and media projects all with an extra dose of irreverence.

We bring wonderful people together, help them find their inner artist and stay young-at-heart.

Find more information on the Kostume Kult Website

Join our Facebook Group for event invitations, community and up-to-date information

Our Google Group disKKuss is where we socialize, discuss Kostumes and other things relevant to our community.

You are invited...