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* See the [http://wikki.kostumekult.com/images/3/36/-Kostume_Kult_2016_-_Theme_Camp_Moop_Feedback_-_EDITED_FOR_MEETING.pdf| Slide Show] for some key info on what MOOP is about, cleanup is about, and how KK did last year (hint, we are ashamed)
* See the [http://wikki.kostumekult.com/images/3/36/-Kostume_Kult_2016_-_Theme_Camp_Moop_Feedback_-_EDITED_FOR_MEETING.pdf | Slide Show] for some key info on what MOOP is about, cleanup is about, and how KK did last year (hint, we are ashamed)
* Some key changes to our plans for Build week this year:
* Some key changes to our plans for Build week this year:
** Dedicated Build MOOP Lead - David Kiss and Liana
** Dedicated Build MOOP Lead - David Kiss and Liana

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Hey KK Campers, I know that you all made it to the meeting and/or watched the live feed on Facebook. Yes, you are all good that way. So, just to refresh your memory and have all the info in a handy form, here is the update on what we discussed! Good Times!

NYC Container Details

  • NYC Container is a community run service, facilitating how your stuff gets to BRC. It is 100% volunteer based (this means us!). KK is hosting the NYC container crew in our camp and helping run the operation.
  • Space on the container is sold by complete cubic foot. So, if you have 23.5 cubic feet you need to round up and buy 24. No partial feet sold. If you have never heard of a cubic foot, google how to calculate. It is simple math, 5th grade equivalent and if you are still struggling you can also google a cubic foot calculator.
  • Tents, poles and other items that are not regular shapes are measured as if they were boxed out, at their largest points. Measure and buy accordingly.
  • We strongly encourage everyone to use the strong yellow top boxes sold at lowes or home depot (http://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-17-Gal-Storage-Tote-in-Black-HDX17GONLINE-6/205808350) for $10-$12 each. Your stuff will be in a 53 foot trailer with thousands of other things, it will be stepped on, boxes put on top of it. Encourage you to buy a strong box. The yellow-top boxes are about 5.5 cubic feet each. You will need to round up to 6 cubic feet when purchasing space on the container. You can use velcro cable ties or zip ties through the holes on the edges to keep them sealed once closed.
  • Container goes on sale June 14th for general public. KK Camp container goes on sale June 13th. SPACE SELLS OUT ASAP WHEN IT GOES ON SALE.
  • Start thinking now about POD stuff, your personal stuff, and figuring out what you may need space wise on the container so that you are ready when it goes on sale.
  • Please invite all your friends to the container event on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/137111953499110/), and spread the word, so that everyone knows about it.
  • All items must be boxed, clearly labeled. Name, camp/camp address phone number and home (default world )address. Best to label it on multiple sides, so you can find it easily no matter what it is next to or under.
  • You are 100% liable for your belongings. You will be required to sign a waiver stating that you take 100% responsibility for your belongings and that you waive the right to sue KK or anyone else.


  • We rent a Parking lot in Jersey City, Sunday August 13th, from 9am-3pm.
  • We load in order of arrival time, so people coming to playa later generally get a earlier load in time.
  • Kostume Kult has their own container where we load our personal items, costumes, art, frontage pieces. This container will be parked more centrally inside our camp.
  • NOTE: Load-in is a group effort, plan on being at container all day loading up your stuff, camps stuff and helping others. You are responsible for your stuff and for helping with the KK stuff as well.
  • When you arrive at Load-in, everyone needs to get their bins measured and check in with the container crew. EVERYONE must remain at the container load-in until your bins are loaded, at a minimum.
  • Remember, You are liable for what you put in your container. You can ruin it for everyone if you are not careful and if the container gets yanked and searched because of your selfishness.

Packing Tips

  • No batteries, no explosives, no illegal substances, flammable items, like propane grills, propane,
  • Pack your personal items like tent, costumes, bike,
  • Bring enough on the plane to get you to playa, there is no guarantee container will arrive on time and you will need emergency stuff with you like goggles and mask, warm clothes.


  • All items must be boxed, absolutely no loose items
  • Bike boxes can be bought online or found at your local bike shop
  • Take off the pedals, etc to get it into the box.
  • A bike box is typically 5 to 10 cubic feet

Return Trip

  • You will have to load your stuff back on the container before you leave, and have it cleared by the container crew. You can only send back what you sent out.
  • Load-out is about 2 weeks after Burning Man, in the same lot in NJ. Same deal - we all bust ass and get our stuff unloaded. Its dirty. Its fun.


  • See the | Slide Show for some key info on what MOOP is about, cleanup is about, and how KK did last year (hint, we are ashamed)
  • Some key changes to our plans for Build week this year:
    • Dedicated Build MOOP Lead - David Kiss and Liana
    • All cutting will be done only inside a container
    • More Pre-playa fabrication
    • we will work very hard to keep an orderly build site, with all tools put away at every break and especially overnight
  • MOOP Shifts
    • EVERY camper does a MOOP Shift. This is not supposed to be the easy shift, please dont do it wrong. Its not a time to mope around and pick up a few obvious items. It is time to fight hard for the future of our placement and our event, and to put your efforts in. Realz.
    • At the start of each MOOP Shift, the MOOP Czar for the shift will give a detailed set of instructions on how to use magnet sweepers, rakes, how to look for MOOP etc.
    • This is NOT about just walking around am looking bored. This is about actually finding the MOOP. (yes, I repeated that. Because it is important)
    • OUR CONTINUED ESPLANADE PLACEMENT DEPENDS ON YOUR VIGILANCE (more repetition. Dont forget this kids)
    • Waiting for the end of the week is not effective, because of the way that things shift and blow around.
  • PODS and POD LEADS are going to be held accountable. During Moop shifts, we will identify problem areas within pods and make them accountable to clean it up. Don't let your pod become a mess.