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So, for those of you who missed it, here are some brief notes. I urge you to watch the video on the KKBM17 page for the live version


  • We began our meeting with a discussion of the origins of BM Culture and Development of BM as an alternative Reality, The roots that Burning Man has in the Cacophony Society and pranksters, people who wanted to mix things up and shake up culture and society. The roots are not in festivals, EDM, or rave.
  • It would be very helpful for everyone, but especially new campers, to watch Spark or other documentary about BM
  • If anyone is someone hot familiar with the 10 principles, please do not admit it - just go here and read them and understand how that shapes our experience: https://burningman.org/culture/philosophical-center/10-principles/
  • It is important to remember that Kostume Kult is not trying to be the “cool kids”. We are not ravers, we are not a music and party camp. We are the weird theater kids. Our core mission is costumes, participatory theater, culture jamming, and keeping it weird. This is important to think about when deciding whether this is the place for you to be for your Burning Man. More and more parties are just “fading to DJ”, with all the emphasis on the music. That is great, but not what we are about. We want to stay weird.
  • Kostume Kult is an esplanade frontage camp, and there is great responsibility that comes with that to create and to gift and to be a part of the experience of Burning Man. We are given this honor and privilege because we are a group that strives to work hard, and do our best, and be proud of what we achieve. This is a camp for people who want to build something, create art, and feel a sense of community and creation. It is not a camp for people who have the sole goal to party
  • There is a lot of attention being paid now to the dilution of our culture, and the rise of the “burner bros”. There are a lot of people who have learned how to look like us (or so they think) and say the right thing, but they don't actually live our values. While we are all about inclusion and welcoming different types, the bar is much higher when it comes to who will include in our home and our community.
  • To sum it all up - we urge all of you to think about your experience and what brings you to Kostume Kult, and not to just come because it is a great camp and in NYC.


  • Pods build shade together. Most of them are sane, and build the same flat top shade structure with walls which works so well. We will teach you about this and info will be on the wiki when that goes up. It will be great.
  • For newer pods, we have a system where KK buys the shade, and every new camper pays $50 per year to lease the shade for their pod from KK. You only pay for 2 years, and then shade is free for you for life!
  • Pods also can plan out themes for their pods, decorate, costume together, make events and outings, or just share some small appliances. Pods are the smaller social groups that keep everyone happy and in love with one another, and it is great to find a pod that has the vibe that you are looking for.
  • RVs are also part of Pods, but they need to be carefully placed so that they are accessible to the roads for pumping and power. DK and Isa will work with the pod leads on that. RVs make great walls and wind blocks. On the sides of pods.
  • Please, everyone, it is time to start thinking about pods. If you are lost, speak to Amanda Donelan and Link Salas ASAP. There is also a thread in the KKBM17 Facebook group that has a place for you to comment about Pods.

Camp Dues

  • We estimate camp dues to be around $450-475 (depending on power etc)
  • The first installment of dues in the amount of $200 is due by May 5th. There was an email and a post on the Facebook page about paying. Go there and figure out how to pay. You can Payable online or in person
  • RV fees estimated to go up to $1000 as the costs that RVs place on the camp are rising fast. This is a pass-through of our costs.