Water Plan 2015

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The Basics

Your dues include water usage, both for drinking and showering.

The Details

KK will have a 500 Gallon water tank for campers. It will be refilled as needed, but we pay per gallon. Please conserve water, as it is not free. This water is for your own personal reasonable use only. It is not for giving out to friends. It is not for showers a few times a day. It is not for pouring out on the dust in front of your tent. Use it wisely or we will take it away from you. Really.

That Chlorine Taste?

You may have noticed in the past two years that water from the tank has a slight chlorine taste. This is a requirement for public water tanks in order to not allow any germs to develop. Not a problem for showering or making gatorade or coffee, but a little annoying when drinking your water 'pure'. This year however we will be installing water filters that should hopefully reduce or eliminate the slight chlorine taste for even better tasting water!

Fizzy Water

For a new twist, there will be a sodastream water carbonator in camp, hooked up to a large CO2 tank. No idea how long this will last (if it's finished it's finished - we're probably not going to be able to get refills) but if you're into fizzy water you'll be able to carbonate your own here. Must bring your own sodastream bottle! Don't carbonate anything other than water unless you're prepared to clean up the mess that you will likely create!!