Theme and Interactivity 2014

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Costume Themes for Burn Week

Onesie Monday- as legend has it, there was a magical coincidence that occurred the Monday of Burn Week 2013 when everyone wore their onesies on the same night without planning it beforehand. From this great happenstance grew what we now know formally as Onesie Wednesday. To commemorate it's great origins we celebrate Onesie MONDAY on the 1st Monday of Burn Week! Bonus: Onesies keep you toasty warm at night in deep playa!

Tutu Tuesday- ALL DAY it's fun AND alliteration! Men & women alike enjoy the playa breeze blowing up their tutus on this most joyous liberating day.

Wednesday- NYC Wednesday in honor of the Brooklyn Block Party.

Thursday? What could our camp theme be? Twinsies? Bikinis? Togas? Animals? (we could torment Animal Control!) Also worthy of note the French Maid Brigade & Billion Bunny March are on Thursday! Always a good time!

Friday: Pirate Night - It is tradition to pillage hard Friday night. Why not start daytime plundering?!

Saturday - Burn Night and time to go all out or not, do whatever you want!