Schwag 2014

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Each year, Kostume Kult creates a special piece of "schwag" that you can purchase and gift to others.

These pieces are always a hit, and many of us wear them and gift them year round so that we can keep in touch with our playa family and experience.

In order to ensure that KK covers its cost on these pendants, we are pricing them as follows this year:

  • 5 pendants - $40 ($8 per pendant)
  • 10 Pendants - $70 ($7 per pendant)
  • 20 Pendants - $130 ($6.5 per pendant)

We have sold out in the past, so please purchase early to ensure that you have as many of these amazing pendants as you want!

Pendants will be delivered in NYC and on playa, On Playa all pendants will be available for distrubution during dinner time. Please see Marianna for your pendants


Camp T-shirts are $15 a piece this year, and are sporting multiple designs!

All orders will be brought to the playa for delivery during dinner time. Please see Marianna for T-shirts

Order yours now: