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Gang- step right up and git your schwag here!

This year's KK pendant will be a most desired item on the playa. With our "Rites of Kultage" camp theme, the idea for this piece is that we are all part of the Burner Cult with Kostume Kult being a central player in helping to indoctrinate people into this movement- thus the two sided flaming pendant that - when spun - merges the two iconic figures into a hypnotic vision of Burning Kultage... (Yes- Insert mock cult recruiting theatrics here.)

The pendant is as pictured in the attached/on the site, is made from a zinc alloy (like many of our pendants in past) with an antique bronze color with a steel jump ring and ball chain (also bronzed) all packaged in a small ziplock baggy.

Pricing is the cost both to us and to schwaggy at - the KKer who makes these for us and note they are a touch more expensive this year because never before have we made such a two sided pendant with raised art on both sides. Something, I am sure that many people will treasure and wear year-around.

So please get em asap and LET US KNOW NOW so that we can order more. Right now we are only ordering 300 and, by comparison, we had 500 of the tokkens from last year. We need to know this week if we are going to hit the 300 and whether to raise the order.

ORDER NOW (or email Michelle Hollitz - Our Schwag Queen, CC'd), with any questions or if you'd like to pay in cash-- not preferred but tolerated if you make your intentions known asap... Increments of 5 only for simplicity.

go here now!