Raised By Wolves

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Raised By Wolves is a transcontinental pack of artists, healers, dancers, performers,

planners and builders who are inspired and impassioned by the classic story of feral children and their wolf pack families. As a pack we are a wild, playful and loyal community that creates and grows through freedom, love, openness and most importantly the support of each other. We bring our untamed energy to the Black Rock desert through play, performance and art.

This year is our howling debute as a theme camp and we are deeply excited to bring multiple interactive and creative experiences to playa! Come visit us and experience the raw energy of the wolf. Our 24-foot geodesic dome offers a wolf den sanctuary where festivalgoers can find respite from the harsh desert environment and take workshops from the healers and performers of our collective ranging from yoga & meditation to poetry & storytelling. We are also building a wooden wolf sculpture -- an effigy for the public to offer up hopes and dreams, ultimately to be burned in the cathartic Burning Man tradition.

Further offerings include the Egg: an installation made of a steel frame, two stories tall, towering over its spectators. Visitors are encouraged to climb into soft inside of the Egg and imerse themselves in a bath of transformative auditory experience. Boasting over 320 speakers in 6 sound fields, the listener becomes quickly immersed in lush content that ranges from tranquil streams, raging storms and spoken words, offering a method of escape and rebirth.

Just as sound and voice are primal facets of the human experience, so too are dance and rhythm. We wolves will not only be pounding our paws on the face of the earth, but will also be dancing in the sky in our professional aerial silk performances by our very own from the Secret Circus on our portable, 18.5-foot, freestanding aerial rig.

In conclusion, we are in the process of completing our hunting and prowling pack of 25 wolf bike scupltures creating what will be our mobile art installation in Black Rock City. We welcome you to ride side by side with our Lupine phamily, and live what it is to be a part of the performance that encompasses the cycle of life on earth. Bunnies, Kittens, and all other cuddly-wuddly-furry playa beings BEWARE!!

Come run, howl, hunt, play, sweat, growl, laugh and pray with Raised by Wolves as we welcome the love and growth we share with connection and gratitude. As a friendly reminder, we are not reasponsible for overdoses of mind blowing experiences or activities, a harmless love bite, or an ocassional missing tooth or an eye. All paws at their own risk ;)

Find out more about us and our current projects at our blog or our facebook.