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Silver trim with fairy lights from Six Star Sales:


The wire of this battery powered LED string is hidden in a glittery silver ribbon. It can be stitched on by hand or machine. The white lights in silver trim on a white outfit are magical. Also in blue, green and violet.

“Glowby’s” fiber optic hair pins

You can buy them at www.luminence.com for $4.99 each. It makes more sense to pay $1.75/each on the wholesale site: http://www.luminence.us/Products.html There is a $75 minimum. So get together with friends. Buy some batteries. Buy other products such as the fiber optic bike handles. It’s a good idea to have some inventory. And 2 Glowby’s are a great gift for someone.

Floralytes (Acolytes)

Just google “floralytes”. Make sure you get the “on/off” version with string. The florist ones are disposables. Look hard for the lowest price.


Rhode Island Novelty - Super fast shipping and great service Oriental Trading

Battery Operated LED lights