POD Lists and Info 2015

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KKBM15 Public Camper List

The link below will take you to a sanitized (no email addresses or FB info) list of campers in each POD. A separate link that goes to a different spreadsheet containing email and FB info as well has been posted to the email list in case you need to contact someone but don't have their info yet. If you don't have that link, ask your POD leads or camp leads.

KKBM15 Sanitized Public Camper List

KKBM15 POD list

Below is the list of KKBM15 PODs and POD leads:

  • First Pod/Lilypad - Lead Contact: Isabeau
  • Primate Pod - Lead Contact: Costume Jim
  • Goddess Grove - Lead Contact: Atrina Brill/Mike Weinstein
  • Flexus Nexus - Lead Contact: David Shimel
  • Peeper Pod - Lead Contact: Link Salas
  • RAD- Rose All Day - Lead Contact: Honeybee Love
  • Hardy Gang - Lead Contact: Amber Cameron
  • PODlantis - Lead Contact: Kirk Dupuis
  • Kat Kave - Lead Contacts: Silk Kat and David Gloss