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List of NY Area Stores

If you don’t have time for an internet order and want to buy costume lights right away, here are some places to go:

Jamali Garden Supplies

149 West 28th @ 7th

  • 10 ft. elwire lowest price
  • Bag of Floralytes (also called Acolytes)

Jamali is the best source for small mirror balls, cheap feathers, shells, ribbon, real antlers, silk butterflies and birds, ….. It is hard to see that there is a second floor, which you shouldn’t miss.

New Dragon Toys

101 West 27th & 6th

They sometimes have good blinkies. Can't buy one, box of 10 usually $10.

“Super thin strand with LEDs” Squire and Annie use these. They are pretty but very vulnerable. Consider them to be a disposable that only lasts one evening. Don’t remember the price but thought they’re too expensive for one night. Squire told me how to find the store: “the super thin strands with LEDs on them is on 28th street right close to 7th ave, on the north side of the street. If you walk on 28th street from 7th ave toward 6th ave, on the north side of the street. I believe it is the second shop. It has giant planters outside, and when you walk in, the counter is immediately on your right, and you'll see lights there. Just ask them as they have several colors. The store primarily sells floral/plant stuff though.”

Lighting & Beyond

35 West 14th @ 5th

  • elwire 6.6ft for $16 or 10 ft. for $20
  • battery powered strings

Local Pharmacies

Around Christmas time, lots of chain pharmacies carry battery powered strings. Try to get LED ones as the batteries will last much longer and they won’t break as much. Some of these pharmacies and dollar stores carry them year round. Jenn Taves knows some of them.

Halloween Adventure

usually has some elwire and other stuff, and is expensive.