Makeup and Bodypaint How-to

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See also Makeup and Bodypaint Supplies for information about where to purchase items needed.

Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex is an awesome way to paint yourself. It takes a few minutes to dry and you may need a few coats but a seriously interesting thing to play with. There is a camp at BM that in the past let you go wild and paint yourself - I think it's called Deviant Latex. Here is a supplier that I like and have used:

You can also use liquid latex to build or shape things on your skin. For example, Gearoid made little babies in liquid latex and then we stuck them on our faces for Zombiecon. You can also build up a nasty scar with liquid latex. You would then cover it with blood. For zombie makeup, you can also use things like toilet paper too..

Spirit gum

This is theatrical glue. This is pretty essential. We use this to stick things to our skin. I stick pretty flowers and gemstones to my face with this stuff all the time. Gearoid uses this to stick many different things on his head. Note: You can actually use liquid latex to stick things to your skin as well.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Tutorial to help you complete a sexy zombie makeup look. You will find the tutorial on Kostume Girls Closet or go straight to the video on YouTube.