MOOP Shifts 2014

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2014 MOOP Elimination Plan

Kostume Kult will be Green again, and there is no reason to doubt that!!

After kicking ass on Leave No Trace last year, we will once again be having MOOP shifts, this time with extra magnet sweeper action!

These shifts are one hour long, and take place each day at 5:30 PM from Monday until Saturday. The MOOP shift will meet at the central shade area, and the KK MOOP Czar will divide them up and have them sweep the entire camp. Frontage will be a target, to clean up after the costume giveaway of the day. In addition, areas that are MOOP-waiting-to-happen will be identified and sorted out, such as work areas with tools and shit laying around, Pods that look like a dorm room, etc.

There will be a village MOOP czar, a MOOP Czar for each Camp, and a MOOP czar for each Pod (see below for more details).

More information on MOOP, problem items, and how to clean properly:

REMEMBER - each and every person in the camp is responsible for cleaning up their own personal stuff and for cleaning up any MOOP or probably MOOP situations that they see in the Camp.

Please sign up for a MOOP shift using the master sign-up sheet, and make sure that you are there. Please do NOT sign up for a shift on a night when you have kitchen duties (other than Early Prep shift, which does not conflict). If you do not sign up for a shift, we will sign you up for TWO.

  • Overall Village MOOP Czar - Brandon Keevan

POD Moop Czars

Each Pod will have a MOOP Czar responsible for making sure that the Pod is kept clean. If you identify a problem with a particular pod during a sweep, you should find the MOOP czar for that pod and let them know.

PODS - please select a MOOP czar and add their name below, or email Isa to add it.

  • Lilly Pod -
  • Hacienda Pod -
  • Funginian Pod -
  • Peep Show Pod - Rebekah Nagy

Moop Shift Schedule



  1. Natasha Dudek
  2. Marianna lavin
  3. Roy Marasigan
  4. Erin Rashbaum
  5. Rebekah Nagy
  6. Joseph martinez
  7. David Katz
  8. Amanda Donelan
  9. Eliza Spear
  10. Ian Whalen
  11. Link Salas
  12. Bruce Lindsay
  13. Elizabeth Alves
  14. Jana Fox
  15. Mikaela Holmes
  16. Gwendolyn Ellman
  17. Tom Eshchar
  18. Scott Brenner
  19. Katie Hotaling
  20. Uri Klein
  21. Alizarin Waissberg
  22. Jennifer Tufts
  23. Saskia H.
  24. Ian Katz
  25. Easton Anspach
  26. Juan Tobo
  27. Earth Bennett
  28. Jennifer Diller
  29. Adele Godfrey


  1. Jendra Jarnagin
  2. Stan Dudek
  3. Alec Jarnagin
  4. Peter Brakman
  5. Madeleine Allen
  6. Joshua Newman
  7. Beth Pelletier
  8. Andrew Cray
  9. Hannah Yu
  10. Sevgi Nalbantoglu
  11. Frederic Ador
  12. Matt Russell
  13. Anirudh Manian
  14. Richard Bowers
  15. Gregg Altschul
  16. Prysm Freedman
  17. Amy Mathews
  18. Jay Steinhauer
  19. Diane Schutz
  20. Mike Mazya
  21. Lauren Morales
  22. Galicia Outes
  23. Shuang Chen
  24. Alain Rostain


  1. Erik Slavin
  2. Michelle Palmer
  3. Geoff Shearer
  4. Mark Dudek
  5. Joseph martinez
  6. Mirjam Brakman
  7. Johannes van Veen
  8. Maarten van Veen
  9. Hannah van Veen
  10. Jessica Fernandez
  11. Ashley Gosselin
  12. Marina Zavelevich
  13. Michael Weinstein
  14. Mark Schepis
  15. Ayn Teigman
  16. Alysha Jones
  17. Jillian Salik
  18. Ravid Fleisher
  19. Inna Kats
  20. David Shimel
  21. Atrina Brill
  22. Dawid Bociek
  23. Michael Burgher
  24. Bernhard Seefeld
  25. Gilad Kfir
  26. Ed French


  1. Nina Urban
  2. Ortal Dahan
  3. Eric Altbush
  4. Kenneth Yim
  5. Erica Greenfield
  6. Liah Alonso
  7. Sabine Heubusch
  8. Hillary Weiss
  9. Laura Patricelli
  10. Emily Polak
  11. Alexander Litvak
  12. Roy Rubanenko
  13. Idan Elbaz
  14. Jennifer Taves
  15. Emily Sauer
  16. Marcia Bonilla
  17. Dale Godfrey
  18. Malika Cumbie
  19. Katya Olive
  20. Markus Winkler
  21. Jen Floyd
  22. David Drew
  23. Clair Seager
  24. Daniel Borkan
  25. Alina Neganova
  26. Dan Levin
  27. Andrew Jacobs
  28. Daniel Alcala
  29. Dennis Alfonso


  1. Marisol del Valle
  2. Miguel Peschiera
  3. Sarah Reeb
  4. Leo Morales
  5. Scott McLean
  6. Nicole Pamani
  7. Daniel Galron
  8. Alina Neganova
  9. Leslie Friedman
  10. Hector Galvis
  11. Jeffrey hurant
  12. Vlad Shteynberg
  13. Sarah Dobro
  14. Alicia Noel
  15. Alfred Werner
  16. Galit Wolfensohn
  17. Irene Malatesta
  18. Jim Glaser
  19. Amanda Wotton
  20. Eddie Mondress


  1. Chad Gallagher
  2. Adriana Echandi
  3. Scott Brenner
  4. Scott McLean
  5. Marla Sims
  6. Jerry Goldman
  7. Stacey Newman Weldon
  8. Ken Ellis
  9. Carina Isentaeva
  10. Kellye Greene
  11. Ben Hietamaki
  12. Anastasiya Tarasenko
  13. Dimitry Tsvetkov
  14. Alex Shindness
  15. Erika Sarmiento Usui
  16. Raul Herrera
  17. Maurice Fakhoury
  18. Oleg Golubov