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Love Cubed examines the themes of free will, random happenings, fate, and control within and without society and how these themes drive our actions and personal relationships. Do we really have choices? And if we do, do we take advantage of them? What would happen if we relinquished control – to fate or to another person? Is love essentially the giving up of control? Love3 invites the visitor to “play” with chance in a lighthearted way by staking their “fate” on the fortuitous flip of the dice….perhaps illuminating personal preconceptions and beliefs.

The experience begins via passing through illuminated, fluorescent stanchions in the shape of giant, glowing dice. A soft path leads into an environment filled with more, rollable, oversized dice. Each die is created by a separate creative team within Love3 and is labeled with actions, ideas, emotions – some funny, some sensuous, some thought-provoking. Players have their choice of dice, and may roll two….but when the roll is made, they must abide by the directive of the dice (chance).

The roll of the dice is acted out by the “players” within two gigantic translucent cubes. The instructions of the dice and what is happening inside the cubes is projected on the camp front via webcam – however, the exterior image is distorted, tempting the passerby with words and inviting the community to explore our experience.

Beyond our Love3 Dice Roll lies the Willy Nilly Kismet Bar….an illuminated libation station where our master mixologists offer up one’s choice of drinks…or shall we leave it to chance? (if you don’t bring your own cup, you WILL relinquish control – we’ll handcuff you to the bar so our cups don’t end up on the playa!)