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Hi Y'all!

I've been costuming since my 1st performance of "Animal Crackers-In My Soup" in kindergarten, and Kostuming since 2010, at Figment, where I pulled my 1st shift in the Kostume (carport)Dome, and decided I'd found my family. There is truly nothing like seeing some poor khaki-challenged slob become the goddess he never knew he was, once we slap a tutu on him, eh! (Btw, you too can learn to speak Wisconsin-ese, just by practicing this phrase: "Eh, yoo giys, let's goe owtsyde nowww an' shovel da snoww ahf da ruff, eh." I actually had a cheesehead hat at one time...)

I grew up with all the boys, learning how to run faster, hit harder, climb better, swear like a sailor, whilst wearing toe shoes and lace...I never learned how to do tea parties. (my barbies went on safari or to the moon.)

I piloted a boat before I learned to drive a car.

I love science and geeks, and warriors!

I love the challenge of deco-ing raw spaces and transforming them into a new environment.

I also love Boris Burning Elf, who I'm re-marrying on playa this year, in an Elephant Wedding. (If you wanna sit and have a beer with me, I'll go into deets, but just know we love elephants.)

I am TOAD's mommy.

I have a serger!

I am a corrective exercise specialist, working with special needs and post rehab orthopedic clients.

I am the cool head you want in an emergency, but don't be stoopid, yah?

I love the Kampers of Kostume Kult!