Life on playa 2012

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Feel free to share any hints and tips on life on Playa in this section.

Bathroom situation for women

Last time I went to Burning Man, I was on a mission to stay as hydrated as possible. I was drinking wayy more than enough water to pee clear. That meant was that I was peeing a lot. It was frequent and the stream was heavy. It drove me crazy because I could never get to the porta potty fast enough. I lived by pee funnels for all the previous burns but it didn't work for me this last time because I was overfilling it before it could properly drain - it wasn't pretty. I saw someone in our camp that year with one of these and it seems like a great solution to be able to have your pee bucket nearby: Luggable Loo Toilet Seat and Toilet Bucket
I got mine for this year's burn and although I haven't used it yet, I recommend getting one anyway for your convenience!!