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Kitchen Information

Our kitchen serves delicious meals each night from Monday Night through Saturday night of the burn. There will be vegetarian options each night as well as a selection of side dishes. You are required to bring your own cup, plate, eating utensils, napkins etc as you need to do for any food or drink related event at the burn.

Each member of our camp is required to put in at least one shift in the kitchen. More information on that will be coming soon, so please sign up as soon as that is available or else we will sign you up for a shift on our own.

If you would like to get more involved in kitchen planning, cooking, meal planning etc please contact Maddie and Noodle so that they can work that out with you.

Kitchen Sign Up!

If you want to eat, and not get tied up to a post to perform kultish rituals on, sign the fuck up!!! Each night is divided in three shifts. There is an ice shift, a prep shift and a final shift. The ice shift involved going to arctica and getting kitchen ice. This is done around high noon, and involves getting cash for ice, going to arctica and waiting in line and then bringing back as much ice as we tell you to get. Please only sign up for this if you do not think you can cook or clean at all.

The cooking shift start is late afternoon, early evening playa time (4-7ish default world). Hint: The earlier you arrive the better job you get, and the ast one to arrive shall be flogged and verbally abused. We are trying to aim for dinner being served when the sun touches the mountains and finished serving before the sun disappears. Shift ends when everyone is eating or when the food runs out...

The clean up crew takes over after we eat. Cleaning, sanitizing, making it all look good again. If you hate cooking, clean. If you hate cleaning, cook. If you hate both, you're a curmudgeon who should be cleaning because at least then no one will be relying on you to take care of the food. Everyone knows how to clean.

If you miss your shift you will be verbally taunted, abused, and maybe physically flogged. Missing a shift will also get you put on the what can ~Noodle think of list. And if you don't want to work or play you can always choose option C and just avoid the kitchen all together and not eat. We have lists and we will be checking them multiple times due to short term memories.

Monday Night

Salmon Teriyaki, Stir fry veggies, Spring rolls

Ice shift

  • Chad
  • Brandon K

Cooking shift

  1. Will Wright "Jeremiah Tha Geniuz"
  2. Pat Wright "Divaa Psychicstar"
  3. Tonya "Dusty Lashes"
  4. Meow Mix
  5. Maria Marasigan
  6. Lindsay Arden
  7. Devan Skylar
  8. Nicholas Frech
  9. Athena Alicandri
  10. Christopher Hardwick
  11. Tino O.
  12. Mary Kyle
  13. Berni

Cleaning shift

  1. Tom Egan
  2. Wendy Booher
  3. Nina Urban
  4. Eliza Spear
  5. Susie Musie
  6. D
  7. Cowboy Roy :)
  8. Princess Meerkat (Nicholas Rudolph)
  9. Wabi Sabi!
  10. Jason Spence
  11. Dori
  12. May Lin
  13. Mocha

Tuesday Night

Pink Taco Tuesday! Tacos and burritos, Beans, Salsa, Guacamole, and all the fixins we can possibly bring your dusty little hearts!

Ice shift

  • Brittany F
  • Laura R

Cooking shift

  1. Amanda Donelan
  2. May Lin Le Goff
  3. Sarah J "Meow Mix"
  4. Michelle Hollitz
  5. Ryan Hollitz
  6. Anna Abrams
  7. Paul Nagle
  8. Rachel Gottlieb
  9. Elisa Hetmanski
  10. Jennifer taves
  11. Dori
  12. Tempe
  13. Mikki Hayes

Cleaning shift

  1. Sarah Reeb
  2. Juan Tobo
  3. Travis Youssef
  4. Sasha Sev
  5. Boris Berdich...
  6. Courtenay Cotton
  7. Aleks Polo
  8. Mike Gordo
  9. Jeremy Morowitz
  10. Mike Burgher
  11. Kristin Thiessen
  12. Josh Silverman
  13. Shamron Mitchell

Wednesday Night

Chef Neal and Kitchen Kult prepare a special gourmet meal! Cannot wait for this!!

Ice shift

  • El Gallo (Gerard)
  • Mike Burgher

No Cooking shift

Cleaning shift

Thursday Night

Entwined brings us Steak, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach Madeleine, Grilled Veggies and Nipple Clamps!

Ice shift

  • Lana Grebennikova
  • Alex Kharlamov

===Cooking shift=== ENTWINED ONLY

===Cleaning shift=== ENTWINED ONLY!

Friday Night

Boris brings it down with Meat and Vegetarian Chili, Corn and more!

Cooking shift

  1. Meow Mix
  2. Chad
  3. Natasha Dudek (Bunny!)
  4. Kimmy D
  5. Irish Yoga
  6. Natalie Larson
  7. Ty Guy
  8. Jessie Mac
  9. Aaron Franklin
  10. Rita
  11. Leon
  12. Thad (Dr Strange)
  13. Gavin

Cleaning shift

  1. Lolly
  2. Karen Weaver
  3. David Nance
  4. Lauren Hotson
  5. Anastasia Gillaspie
  6. Anca Uliu
  7. Sri Kulkarni
  8. Stanley Dudek (Daddy!)
  9. Michael Clifford "Kestrel"
  10. Rob Montenegro
  11. Ryan McLendon
  12. Wookie Chu
  13. Boris Rozman

Saturday Night

Spaghetti, Shrimp, Selebration!!!! )'(

NOTE: Burn night shift will start and hour early and serve an hour early so everyone has time to find their perfect perch to begin a magical night.

Cooking shift

  1. Vera Szombathelyi
  2. Gary Lippman
  3. Johnny Lektrik
  4. Unicorn
  5. Natalya Nova
  6. Maria Benedek
  7. Constellation
  8. Mari Shten
  9. Yuri Astrakhan
  10. Audrey Shaps
  11. Noodle

Cleaning shift

  1. Yana Bromberg
  2. Bo Min Kim
  3. Hypnotic
  4. Linette Green
  5. Natallia Hryshchankova
  6. Rich Rubel
  7. Richard Bowers
  8. Susie (AliKat) Burdick
  9. Svetlana Grebennikova
  10. Hiroki Otsuka

There are no more official shifts after the man burns. Keep an eye out for bacon pop-ups, pizza parties, leftover booze and everything but the kitchen sink getting grilled up.