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Kostume Kult 2011 Camp Dues




    • PAY YOUR DUES** You can pay your dues here at this link: [Dues Payment]. If you use the link, you will notice that the dues includes the google checkout fee which we are charged. You can also pay by check or cash at one of the camp meetings.

Your camp dues are what make everyday camp life go round! Camp dues are used to pay for food, electricity and construction of common infrastructure such as frontage, showers, etc. Every camper MUST pay camp dues by the END OF JULY.

This year's camp dues are $250 per person.

For people who are doing early arrival (coming to playa by Wednesday, August 24) or full breakdown (leaving playa at the end of the day Tuesday , September 6) we are offering you the option to pay reduced dues of $200.

RV fees are $200 per RV. It is up to each RV crew to figure out who in that RV will pay the RV fee. Water tank filling and pumping will be available on a per-usage basis. Jungle will be coordinating that with the RVs shortly.

Please bear in mind that even the full dues of $250 dues do not cover the per-person cost of running an esplanade frontage camp like we do. We spend a fortune of money on our art, costumes, food, electricity, etc so that we truly give back to the community and making the burn an amazing experience for everyone. We have year-round fundraising events in order to allow us to keep dues at a reasonable level (and cheaper than most of our peer camps), and that hard work is done by a few core members of our community time and time again. However, if someone has special circumstances which prevents them from being able to pay dues, please let me know and we can see what we can do for you.

NOTE: Dues **MUST** be paid by August 1, 2011. For any dues not paid by then, there will be an additional $50 fee added to your dues, so please get them in before that cutoff date!