Johnny Lektrik

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Johnny Lektrik is a one of a kind jack of all trades... though he's been convinced for most of his life that he was born in the wrong time... and on the wrong planet... as most artists probably feel for certain portions of their life. Johnny's done acting, directing, film projects, writing projects, and alot in between. He once dressed up like Batman for an entire summer and walked the streets of Manhattan earning his way to his first year at Burning Man in 2009. This is how he met Costume Jim, handing out flyers for the Freakkshow.

Second year to Burning Man Johnny created a lost time traveler character who was looking for nine giggawatts in order to get back to his original time. And for his third year at Burning Man Johnny's created the halloween themed character known as Neck Romancer, who is apart of the UnDead DJs, ready to rock the playa or die tryin!

On top of all this he's got an album he's still trying to make called, "Strange ways through Darker Daze" as well as many other side projects on the go... more to come lata alligata !!!!!!