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HI! My name is Jendra Jarnagin, aka Duality Bytes. “Duality” is still my unofficial playa name since this will be my first burn. But people call me a burner and I feel like a burner since the majority of my social life is burner friends, burner parties in NYC and COSUTUMING! I’ve wanted to go to BM every year for over 10 years, and every year, I haven’t been able to take the time, being that I work as a freelance cinematographer and August/September always provide the best projects of the year. It’s not just a default world job; filmmaking is my passion. I feel blessed to do what I love for a living, though I have earned it by working my ass off to get to that point.

I’ve finally chosen to make it a priority to attend Burning Man, since you never “find” the time, you have to MAKE the time for anything that’s important enough to you.

I was a focused and ambitious workaholic for all of my twenties and now that I am in my late thirties (though I look at least 10 years younger!) I am having a blast creating the social life I never had. I have found costuming to be a great creative outlet for my self-expression, and since I am such a bad-ass tomboy at work, (usually leading teams of men,) I love to express by feminine and sexy side through outrageous fashion and costumes. This is part of my duality. I am strong and sensitive, masculine and feminine, creative and technical, a leader and a follower, an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I have always been fascinated by contrasts and am always striving for balance.

Kostume Kult events are always my favorite in NYC, and this camp seems like the perfect fit for me. I wanted my first burn to be with an established, large camp that could guide me with through what I did and did not need to worry about for planning. I’m such an organized, Type-A planner, (I’m an Aries) that I would totally go overboard with research and preparation if I wasn’t comfortable “letting go” because I was in good hands. I love to let go when I feel comfortable. And I feel right at home with KK!

I’m attending with my harmonious partner of nearly 17 years, yin to my yang, my husband Alec Jarnagin, who also works freelance in film. He’s a Libra (my opposite) and we balance each other out perfectly.

For more info about me and him, our website is: