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I just wanted to remind you all of some things and provide some final details.

  1. Arrival on playa - when you arrive on playa, you should head to our camp. We are Kostume Kult, in Nyrvana Village. We are on 8:30 and esplanade, on the corner, between 8:00 and 8:30. The best way to reach us is to come up 8:30 from Anniversary or enter our camp through the access road in the back (see the map which was sent around and is linked on the wiki).
    EARLY ARRIVAL NOTE - Please make sure that you have a ticket and an early arrival pass for the gate. Will-call doesnt open until wednesday of early arrival week, so anyone who is coming before that must have a paper ticket with them. Please remember that early arrival is a privilege and we come early so that we can build the camp. If we all buckle down and contribute our time during early arrival week, we will all be free to play to our hearts content and explore during the burn. If you are coming early, you are coming to work with our camp and not to visit your friends, hang around, or help other people with their projects. We will have fun during build, but we need everyone to pitch in and do their share.
  2. Parking, pods and setup - When you arrive in camp, please come find me so that I can place your car and make sure that you and your pod are setting up in the right place. Moving tents and vehicles later is a huge pain in the ass
  3. Container - your stuff may already be at camp when you arrive, if you are arriving after the Wednesday of early arrival. If its not, one of our art cars (Bubble bus or the electric bed probably) or our truck can go to the container to help you get your shit back to our camp. Please be patient, we all have tons to do. Your stuff will be retrieved, and you will not have to sleep in my tent with me (unless you want to and I approve of course).
  4. MOOP and garbage bags - There are no maids in our camp. Please keep your POD and living area, and our entire camp, free of MOOP at all times. You are responsible for all of your own garbage. The garbage by the kitchen is NOT a communal garbage. Your food remnants from dinner are your own responsibility and you MUST take care of that in your own garbage. Make sure to bring a bunch of heavy duty contractor bags and when you drive off playa you are expected to take ALL of your garbage with you. If you are cheap and buy crappy garbage bags, you may be blessed with a mess of exploding garbage full of used condoms and rotting food in your car on the way out.We will patrol the camp and we will tell you to clean up your area if its a mess. Things laying around outside your tent are MOOP waiting to happen. NOTE: if you are getting a ride off playa, you are still responsible to take your own garbage out. Either find someone nice enough to take it for you or bring it along with whomever is giving you a ride. It really is not acceptable to just leave it around the camp. I may just put it on the container and send it back to NY and drop it off in your living room here.
  5. Water Plan - If you bought into the water plan, you are responsible for getting your water from the central location and taking it to your tent. If you leave it there, I will appropriate it for community usage. At the end of the burn, you must crush all your empty water containers and string them together and bring them to the trash truck for us to recycle. It is not acceptable to just leave them around.
  6. Showers - we build showers, but you are all responsible for bringing your own shower bag and water to shower with. As well as your own soap, shampoo, cosmetics, etc. Please be considerate of others. Dont leave a mess in the showers. Try not to pee in them if you can help it.
  7. RVs - If you have an RV, you must find me and Jungle as soon as you get on playa. We will get you hooked up to the power grid and Jungle will coordinate your water and pumpouts. RVs are very specifically placed for a reason, so please do not put your RV anywhere except where you are told to put it. Please do not try and hook yourself up.
  8. Power usage - Make sure that you have extension cords and power strips sufficient to power your tent and general pod needs. Make sure they are all heavy duty, 12 or 14 gauge cords. Shitty cords and too much draw on one cord lead to hazard and problems for everyone. If you dont get the whole cord thing and need some help, find me or boris or someone else who gets it and bribe us with treats or booze and we can help you.
  9. First Crack - first crack and our official camp meeting takes place in the costume dome right after dinner on Monday night. Everyone has to be there. You will be able to raid the costume boxes for some truly awesome shit. You will be happy. We will go over the basic camp procedure, introduce ourselves, make friends and have a fucking awesome time.
  10. Leaving Playa - No one can leave playa without getting me to sign off on their personal space and pod. You have to find me. I will come look at your space. If its a mess, you dont leave until its clean. I dont care when your flight is. Please plan accordingly.

Most importantly - Please be safe. Take care of yourself. Have an amazing time. We are all going home, some of you for the first time, and its going to be fucking amazing!

Love you all!