Early Arrival and Breakdown 2014

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Early Arrival and Breakdown Details

A key part of participation is our early arrival and breakdown crews. Early Arrival crew builds the camp infrastructure so that its ready when the gates open on Sunday night. Breakdown takes it all away and packs it up and makes sure that we are a green LNT camp.

EVERY person who steps foot on playa before gates open needs an early arrival pass (as well as their ticket of course). We are limited in how many we get, and priority goes to people who arrive earlier.

This year, there are three early arrival dates that you can choose from if you want to participate. For each date, you must arrive in reno and do any shopping needed there the day before so that you can be on playa by mid-day on the date you are stating. We plan on all eating a big breakfast together in reno on each of these days and then heading out as a pack.

The early arrival dates are:
Monday Morning, August 18
Wednesday Morning, August 20
Friday Morning, August 22

Breakdown means that you stay until Monday night or Tuesday night. This is key work that really helps us a lot. PLEASE, if you can, do not book your flight out of reno to return any earlier than Wednesday. Many hands make the work go easy. And I will love you forever.

Early Arrival Crew

Monday Morning, August 18

  1. Isabeau Vidal
  2. Kimmy D.
  3. Mark Dudek
  4. Chad Gallagher
  5. Jennifer Taves
  6. Jennifer Tufts
  7. Josh Silverman
  8. Richard Bowers
  9. Alicia Noel
  10. Amanda Wotton
  11. Stanley Dudek
  12. Thad Strang
  13. Dawid
  14. Eric Altbush
  15. Sarah Ibrahim
  16. Mark Schepis
  17. Natasha Dudek
  18. Raul Herrera (Shogyo Mujo pass)
  19. Ed Stone French (Shogyo Mujo pass)
  20. Brittany Ferrero
  21. Dennis Alfonso (Shogyo Mujo pass)
  22. David Peck crew
  23. David Peck crew

Wednesday Morning, August 21

  1. Eddie Mondress
  2. Roy Marasigan
  3. Link Salas
  4. Mikaela Holmes
  5. Effy Blue
  6. Frederic Ador
  7. Berni Seefeld
  8. Bruce Lindsay
  9. Tom Eshchar
  10. Alysha Jones
  11. Joseph Martinez
  12. Gearoid Dolan
  13. Gwendolyn Ellman
  14. Easton
  15. Amanda Donelan
  16. Ian Whalen
  17. Erin Rashbaum
  18. Michael Cohen
  19. Liana
  20. Mike Burgher
  21. Gilad Kfir

Friday Morning, August 23

  1. Earth
  2. Laura Patricelli
  3. Ashleyann
  4. Mirjam Brakman
  5. Johannes van Veen
  6. Maarten van Veen
  7. Hannah van Veen
  8. Beth Pelletier
  9. Katie Hotaling
  10. Geoff Shearer
  11. Atrina Brill
  12. Peter Brakman
  13. Prysm Freedman
  14. Irene Malatesta (core)
  15. Eliza Spear
  16. Miguel Peschiera
  17. Gregg Altschul
  18. Ian Katz
  19. Inna Kats
  20. Jerry Goldman
  21. Laura Rubin (core)
  22. David Shimel
  23. David Katz (toad pass)
  24. Rebekah Nagy
  25. Lori Connell (toad pass)
  26. Boris Connell (toad pass)
  27. Katya Olive
  28. Marina Zavelevich
  29. Jay Steinhauer
  30. Alain Rostain
  31. Stefan Pildes
  32. Amy Mathews
  33. Madeleine (core)
  34. Joshua Newman
  35. David Drew
  36. Sabine Heubusch (core)
  37. Liah Alonso
  38. Andrew Cray
  39. Christopher Hardwick (bubble bus)
  40. Jim Glaser

Current Tally (KK early passes): 20 M, 21 W, 32 F

Early Arrival Menu

With great responsibility, comes great sustenance for your belly. This year we are planning the build week food a bit more. Rough menu outline is as follows:

*Every* Morning

Leftovers + combination of Bacon, eggs, potatoes & pancakes as we see fit


Monday Night

Veggie stew, rice & pork loin
Chef du Jour: Isa

Tuesday Night

Ribs, garlic smashed potatoes, fried kale
Chef du Jour: Chad & Tasha

Wednesday Night

Chicken & sausage gluten free pasta, with salad
Chef du Jour: Chad & Tasha

Thursday Night

Thai chicken curry & rice
Chef du Jour: Isa

Friday Night

Chef du Jour: Mark

Saturday Night

BBQ Special
Chef du Jour: Jungle

Sunday Night

Chef du Jour: Mark

Breakdown Crew

Monday evening, September 2

  1. Galicia

Tuesday evening, September 3

List of Container Storage Items