Crafting Dome 2015

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The KKrafting Boob dome was made to look like a giant boob. This dome is a supplement to the Kostume Station. The dome will be stocked with supplies and resources for you and everyone else to use. We will be the place to sew a quick stitch, stick those pasties on better, decorate your bike and bond with your fellow campers. If you are MCing, please encourage people to visit the craft dome. We will be having workshops all week long. The workshops that we have will be:

Pasty making PUrrrfection pasties - lets get some kitties on those titties! - Cat shaped pasties with googly eyes and sparkle noses (dark rainbow hosting) Booty short making Fan making Tutus (Tuesday) Bike decorating Also if you have an awesome idea that you would like to host and give to the participants of burning man, please let Lianimal ( know.

It will be a great interactive experience and you may find that it will save your costume (very important)! Please sign up for a shift at this fun place in our camp.