Crafting Dome 2014

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Krafting Boob

The Boob will be open and staffed Tuesday through Saturday from 12-5:30pm. You're welcome to come and work on any project you can at any time that we're open, and we will do our best to help. Just remember to share the space and share the tools. We also encourage you to join in our featured krafting workshops throughout the week. Check out the schedule below.


12-3pm: Mike M leads Bike Playafication: Bike beautification, lighting, and repair as part of Kostume Kult's Krafting Dome. We welcome all pedalophiles to participate in our peer-less playafication of pedal powered paraphernalia.

3-5:30pm: Link Salas and Jen Taves lead a workshop for making booty shorts and tutus.


12-3pm: Kostume guru Rebekah Nagy leads General Krafting!

3-5:30pm: Michelle Palmer leads Headress Making: A great headdress is the perfect way to turn yourself into royalty, a priestess, a warrior, an archetype, a god/goddess. Learn how to construct headdress bases that are strong, light, comfortable: a canvas for wild decor. Spark creative ideas for the adornment of your crown. Create a simple


12-3pm: Mike M: More Bike Playafication!

3-5:30pm: General Krafting!


12-3pm: Ayn leads a Pasties Workshop:

PASTIES! Don't just hide those sinful bits, throw something sparkly on there and live a little, honey! We have all kinds of fun stuff and plenty of stripper tape to attach whatever you create onto wherever you want to stick it. Not just for nipples--let's get creative!

3-5:30: General Krafting!


12-5:30pm: General Krafting!