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Lori here, ghostwriting for my husband Boris (aka Sean to his mummie back in the UK.) aka Big B, who is email/typing challenged.

You've seen him @ the Giant Mechanical Spiders party on Hween as 'Frozen Shackleton' (dead explorers theme), Glamtech as Sven -the blonde gigolo, '09's HB as 'Marlin' Brando, 2010's HB as the T-Rex on a leash, and BL&L with a el wire Union Jack shirt.

You can usually find him at the side entrance, puffing away on 'something'. He owns his own construction contracting company, Spacepimpers Inc. He can make anything, if you ask him to, and especially if you give him some rolling papers to work with..

Boris, owner of BurningElf Productions is a UK acid house scene veteran, getting his start djing in the London/Glasgow/Brighton renegade orbital acid house open air parties in "1989, mate", ("acieeeed!"), as part of the Wicked Crew and Tonka sound system.

Separating from the herd on a '96 tryp to NYC, he became a fixture in the LES pub and house party scene at places like Nation and the Lounge(later the Cock). After DamSam's Hempfest Harvest Fest '98, followed up by weekly SPIN parties and ICE CAVE# I in Queens, he kicked it up to the NY underground psytrance scene with 'SAVE the ELF', a fundraiser for the Devotional Ministry of Trance at Club Speeeed. This was soon followed with the 3 day Poughkeepsie camping massif Burning Elf I - "Lori's Little Fluffy Birthday" , and the 4 day Burning Elf II ( Lord of the Rings) parties. (the locals came from 2 miles away to hear What That Sound Was... and found a drag Galadriel, Irish elves fishing the stream with swords and a chain mail clad Vlad on ayahuasca, New Orc City, fire spinners, and projections in the trees and asked us if we were 'eatin' baybies' - i told them to come back for the 7:00 CAVE #2 party in partnership with Light-o-Matic was the setting for Synthetic Sadhu's Simon Posford afterparty. Thru the years, Boris' Burning Elf Productions has provided additional stage, sound and support for Omnitribe I and II festivals ( the Pyramid Stage and the Flying Wing Stage), Light-o-Matic and Wonderland parties as well as the infamous (and last) Earthday Bridgeparty, setting up and breaking down 2x in 1 nite to stay ahead of 'the man'.

In addition to his own parties, Boris was a regular dj at the original GoaTrash parties at BOOM in Soho. After taking a hiatus for nesting and health issues.(thanks Clusterbusters, MAPS and Bob W for help, hope and clusterheadache handholding), 2010 brought him 'Back To Life' for the Dance Parade with Burning Elf Mobile - a 17 foot multiple bicycle trailer/Float in the Dance Parade for Groovehoops and the House of Yes in the Playground at Thompkins Square Park and at Figment, for which he built the speakers from scratch. He is the inventor of the Blacklight Chamelion, a folding poseable uv fixture.

Boris is the creative mind behind Toad, and has been running sound, DJs and Decor at many KK events. Last year was Boris first time camping with KK at Burning Man and he is making a strong return with major influence on all the frontage art projects, sound system and overall camp layout.

He is a shit hot cook, can sew, and loves FIRE! and preferably COOKING


He will tell you 'he's not one for words'... hahahahahaha!